Tie-Dye Is Back!

11:03 AM

This summer there is more to be excited about than pool parties and cookouts because tie-dye is back! Yes, tie-dye is back!
The monogrammed tie-dye shirts are great examples of how much fun tie-dye shirts can be! The monogram in the middle adds an extra touch of sha-zam! 

If you are in the mood to get crafty, you can always DIY! Michaels and other craft stores sell tie-dye kits to make tie-dye shirts yourself. 
For great tips on how to make the cutest DIY tie-dye headbands check out The Pretty Life Girls advice on Pinterest!

We love the classic tie-dye look but sometimes when you want to be as patriotic as possible, you got to have a monogrammed American themed tie-dye shirt! Marleylilly has so many options, monogrammed tees and tanks, paired with any color monogram you want!
No look is complete without some tie-dye shoes of course. Vans sells some amazing color combinations in all sizes!  

For other occasions like a rave, party, or just your average Friday, Marleylilly has generic colors to choose from as well! These monogrammed tie-dye tank tops are sure to make a statement!
If you are going to a rave, don't forget your glow sticks! They will make your tie-dye stand out even more! Party City has a great selection to choose from! 
  If you are wanting to be more dressy in your tie-dye we recommend these cute tie-dye dresses from Monday Dress! They are perfect to wear to a nice dinner at the beach or a casual day to run errands!

Looks like tie-dye is here to stay! Let us know if you are happy that tie-dye is back!

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