Trending Now: Lucite Green

10:34 AM

We bet we can guess what is running trough your head right now! I'm sure it's something along the lines of, "What the heck is lucite green?" Were we right? Although you probably don't know what it is, we are 100% sure you have seen it in every clothing store you've gone in this season.

Lucite Green is one of the most popular colors on the fashion runway this season with showcases by big designers like Christian Siriano, Tracey Reese and Monique Lhuillier. Our favorite designer, Lilly Pulitzer, has also jumped on the lucite green bandwagon, featuring hits of this color in her new Conch Republic and Salute patterns!

A mix of classic green shades and mint, this color is a refreshing newcomer to the fashion world. It's green background provides the base while the hit of mint adds just the right amount of pow! Designers aren't just sticking to the regular color either. A lot of looks we are seeing range from a soft muted lucite green to bright and vibrant. Regardless of where it falls on the spectrum, clothing in this color is sure to add a refreshing and renewing sense to any wardrobe!

At, we have you covered for the season when it comes to lucite green! We have picked out some of our favorite green tops, bottoms and dresses. All are looks we are sure you are going to love all spring and summer long!

We are obsessed with this color and can't wait to see what designers have in mind for summer! 

What's your favorite color trend this season?

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