You Did It Grad!

11:01 AM

If The Hat Fits, Throw It In The Air

We all remember that scene in Legally Blonde when Elle gives the most epic graduation speech of all time. Reese Witherspoon even looks flawless while wearing a graduation hat (how is this possible?!). We don't know about you, but we think graduation hats are the MOST awkward things in the world to wear! This being said, we searched all over town to make sure we found the cutest outfit and hoped people would notice it rather than the awkward hat (that was most likely too small). Here are some suggestions to make sure your outfit is perfect on one of your most important days! 

1. Your dress has to be perfect! You will take so many pictures (and selfies) so you must be looking your best! If you were like most of the world and didn't get to Target early enough for the Lilly Pulitzer madness, don't worry - we have the dress for you! MondayDress has a ton of great dresses to choose from, but our favorite is the Derby Darling Pink and Blue Lattice Racerback Dress

2. We hate to break it to you... but the robes are also not the cutest things in the world. Make it more your style with a Monogrammed White Graduation Stoll(Customize it to match your dress of course!)

3. Walking across the stage. (Keyword, walking. Not tripping...). A lot of schools require that you wear a neutral shoe color at graduation and typically a heel or wedge. You are already beyond nervous that you have to walk across a stage in front of your whole school so make sure your shoes are EASY TO WALK IN. Repeat, easy to walk in! We have the perfect shoes for you - Sweet Summertime Wedges are our new favorite!

4. Accessorizing is key. You already have the dress, stoll, and shoes. Now you need the bling! The Monogrammed Sterling Silver Nala Ring is a must if you didn't get a school ring. 

We are sure you will shed a couple tears, so cover up those puffy eyes with a pair of Aviators! Our favorite is the Ray-Ban Brown Classic Aviator, but honestly any color will do!

5. An all day event. Graduation day is typically an extremely long day. The ceremony is usually a couple hours with lunch or a party following. To keep your "selfie ready" look going the whole day, we suggest HD Invisible Cover Foundation. We also love the Naked3 
shadow palette. It contains natural colors as well as some with shimmer to be even more glamorous. To top of your look add a touch of lip gloss! Our favorite color is Chihuahua - Sheer Guava Tone made by NarsSephora has a huge selection of amazing make up that is sure to suit you. 


Warning! Sephora is like Target. You go for one thing, come out with 10 (or more). Its amazing.

Congrats! Get ready to sing "Friends Forever" by Vitamin C for the rest of the night and celebrate!

Are you ready to graduate or do you wish you could turn the clock back and do it all over again?

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