Go Team!

12:01 PM

Football season is right around the corner! To ensure that you have the most epic gameday ever we have put together a list of must haves for you!

Cowboy boots are a must. Depending on what school you go to, cowboy boots are usually everyone's go-to item for gameday. We love these and these. Nothing goes better with a sundress than a good ol' pair of boots! Wear them in the Fall or Winter! 

fabulous dress is also on our list of must haves. When its 100+ degrees outside the last thing you will want to be wearing are sweaty jeans! If you can tie in both of your school colors with the dress and accessories thats even better! We love this necklace and these earrings for gameday!

Obviously a selfie stick is a must. How else would you document your gameday attire? Plus, if you didn't instagram or snapchat it...did it even happen?

A good way to pull in some extra school colors is to add a bag! We love these monogrammed luxe clutches because they come in a ton school colors! Plus, the size of the luxe is perfect for gameday, you don't want something too big or it will turn into a hassle to carry around all day!

Polaroid's are the new thing for 2015. They are so much fun to snap and you instantly get a print out of it! We love this camera to take polaroids on because its small and lightweight and can fit easily in your purse on gameday! 

Now that your gameday attire is complete, get ready to cheer on your favorite team! Grab some of your besties and head out to tailgate! Buzzfeed has a GREAT article we found on Pinterest of Tailgating Tips, we highly recommend it! 

You tell us, what are your favorite gameday essentials?

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