Monogrammed Baby Gifts Under $20!

10:14 AM

No one is ever too young for a monogram!

It seems to be baby season doesn't it? Everywhere you look there are cute and sweet (and sometimes screaming) little tiny people around. There is no greater joy than becoming a mother, grandmother, aunt, godmother, or even an honorary aunt to a beautiful bundle of joy. And we all know how much fun it is to shop for babies. But you don't want your little one to blend in with the rest of them, right? Of course not! That is where Marleylilly and monograms come in! Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone you know, this site is sure to have all the adorable clothing and accessories any mom and baby would be proud to have! Check it out!

1. Monogrammed Napping Blanket: Available in a puppy, leopard, elephant, tiger, monkey, bunny, or giraffe! A bigger version of our lovies, these blankets can actually be used to keep your little one warm in their carseat or crib!

2. Monogrammed Seersucker Paci ClipBabies R Us has some adorable seersucker outfits that would look perfect paired with these paci clips!

3. Monogrammed Infant Convertible One Piece: Whether their crib is from Target or Ikea or anywhere else, they will love sleeping in this one piece in it!

4. Monogrammed Cuddler: These cute little cuddlers come in an elephant, lion, and a bear and we are absolutely sure your little one will love them all!

5. Monogrammed Animal Baby Blanket: With a blue puppy for a little boy and a pink elephant for a little girl, you can easily make this blanket into a plush toy for them to cuddle with until it is time to sleep. Then their favorite animal turns into a nice warm blanket for nap time!

6. Monogrammed Infant Crab Romper: How cute will your little girl be in this?! And paired with an adorable pair of Carter's Eyelet Slip-On Crib Shoes she will be the star of the show! Or should we say the crab!

7. Monogrammed Large Microfleece Baby Blanket: Large enough to wrap them in, no baby is going to get too cold when they have this blanket with them!

8. Monogrammed Hoodie Baby Towel: Available in pink or blue seersucker trim or plain white trim, these little towels will dry them off but keep them cute!

9. Monogrammed Plush Sport Blanket: Whether your family is into football, soccer, or baseball, this blanket is the perfect addition to your sport season baby supplies!

10. Monogrammed Infant And Toddler Zip Up Jacket: This jacket will go perfectly over just about any outfit! Available in 6 colors so you will surely find the color you are looking for!

11. Monogrammed Burlap Picture Frame: Need a great frame to hang up that adorable baby photo in? Well look no further! How much cuter could this burlap frame get anyway once you have put a shot of your precious one in it?!

What's your go-to baby gift? 

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