Takin' Notes

12:02 PM

With school being back in session, notebooks and agendas are a necessity to our everyday lives! Without them, our lives would look like our closets (yours might be organized, but ours are not! #yikes). Here's a list of our favorite notebooks and agendas to keep you organized are listed below! 
Lilly Pulitzer makes amazing agendas to keep you organized (and stylish!) throughout the year. Our favorite is the Jumbo Agenda in the All Nighter print. For only $34, this is a steal!

Who doesn't love an agenda that literally inspires you? This Kate Spade Large Agenda is not only adorable, but it's inspirational! We love this one because it reminds us of Tiffany's which is ALWAYS fabulous. This agenda comes in many colors and sayings for $36.00!
To add a touch of personalization, you should get a monogrammed clipboard! They come in multiple color combinations and all have super cute bows on the front! You can't beat this deal for only $24.99 from Marleylilly!
Another great Kate Spade find, the Take Note This Just In Medium Notebook is another one of our favorites for many reasons! First off, the size is perfect for carrying around in your purse for quick access. Secondly, the colors it is available in are cute and so bright! Last but not least, we LOVE the price - $16.00! You can't beat that!
If you want to take your notebooks to the next level, we recommend the Monogrammed Clipboard Portfolio from Marleylilly! These portfolios have a clipboard on the front and notebook paper with a pocket on the inside! They are available in many patterns and you get to choose the color of your monogram!

Now that you are organized and stylish, are you ready to take notes?!

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