Chalk It Up To Style!

1:14 PM

Lets face it, everyone loves to write on a chalkboard! You know back in school you always wanted to draw on the board and make something pretty. Now that we have grown up a little, the classroom chalkboards are gone but a new wave of chalkboard fun is just beginning!

 Chalkboard items are great for a variety of uses, and chalkboard paint as well as chalkboard decals are a great way to turn items you already have into fun places to make lists and doodles! Check out these great selections of chalkboard items and project ideas and see which ones you want to try!

Looking for some fun chalkboard items that don't require any work? Well look no further! Marleylilly has a fun selection of chalkboard products great for decorating your kitchen. Our Monogrammed Large Chalkboard Frames are great for writing grocery lists or notes to yourself, and the fun monogram on the top makes it unique to you! For the wine lover, check out our Monogrammed Chalkboard Wine Decanter! Perfect for labeling wine or writing fun messages at a party, this decanter has a fun extra touch with your monogram on the top glass and a twine tie! For the dinner party thrower, our Monogrammed Chalkboard Table Runner is ideal for labeling all the yummy food you set out! No need to have everyone asking what a certain dish is, go ahead and write the name in chalk with a fun little arrow pointing to the pan so everyone knows what they are eating!

Tired of losing track of your wine glass at a party? Never sure which mug is yours when they are all sitting on the table together? Well we have the solution: chalkboard paint! Tape off a section of the glass or mug that you don't want to be painted then either brush on the paint or dip the glass into the paint to create a fun new look. You and your guests will never get confused again, and it adds a little extra fun to the party!

Spice up your kitchen with chalkboard paint or chalkboard decals! Not everyone has a beautiful stainless steel refrigerator in their kitchen, so instead of paying a bunch of money to replace your old boring fridge, paint it with chalkboard paint! Fun and easy, this project turns your fridge into the perfect place for shopping lists, notes for the house, and even a fun place for the kids to play. Don't want to cover up your fridge but still want a great place to make those lists? Add some chalkboard paint to a wall in your house! No matter what size the wall, you will loving having a place to jot down anything and everything without having to look for pen and paper. For a simpler and easier project, add some chalkboard decals to the inside of your cabinets for a more hidden place to keep notes and any other information you might need in the kitchen!

Have an old dresser that you don't know what to do with? You guessed it, add some chalkboard paint! Use it as a decretive piece in your entry way or put it in the kids room and allow them to draw all over it, either way this technique is the perfect way to save an old piece or furniture and make it new again. An even cheaper option is to paint a set of plastic drawers with chalkboard paint! No one will be able to tell that you only spent a few dollars on these drawers once you have given them a little sprucing up with paint, and you can label the drawers with whats inside for even better organization!

Add some fun to a beautiful Wooden Monogram with chalkboard paint! Add a fun design in chalk that you can change based on the season or get your friends to sign it or leave little notes. Either way, these monograms will have a little extra touch of fun when you add the chalkboard effect and they will look great in any and every room in your home!

So which chalkboard items or projects are you planning to take on? Let us know!

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