Prep Your Keys!

9:32 AM

Make your keys as unique and as fun as you are! We have found the best selection of key chains around, from classic and simple to bold and beautiful. There is no way you won't find a key chain to love in this list! Check it out!

This Coach key chain is just the right size to stand out on your key ring without completely overwhelming your keys. Features a gold ring, a black feather outlined in gold, and a small Coach tag.

Tassels are definitely in and this monogrammed key chain from Marleylilly is a must have! With your choice of gold or silver disc and key ring along with a choice of a large variety of tassel colors, you can customize this key chain to your exact style. And with your monogram engraved into the disc, you and everyone else will always know which keys are yours!

This key chain from Kate Spade is just adorable! Available in four colors, this little purse has a zippered opening giving you a secret spot to keep change or other small important items with you at all times.

These monogrammed keychains from Marleylilly are great for showing off your school spirit! With your choice of almost 20 colors, some solid and some multi colored, you are sure to find your favorite. And even more fun than the color options, the monogram is foil stamped onto the key chain so the letters are in a bright a shiny gold color. There is no way you won't love this large key chain!

Another great key chain for holding coins or other small items! This Michael Kors key chain nods to their signature accessories in a fun and playful way. With gold hardware and Michael Kors written on the flap of the purse, there is no mistaking this little key chain is just right for your keys or even clipped onto your handbag!

Lakeside Cotton has a great selection of needlepoint key fobs perfect for everyone! With patterns ranging from stripes to animals and everything in between, men and women alike will want these key fobs on their key ring.

While this keychain may seem a little plain and simple in design, you will find yourself using this Michael Kors keychain all the time! With a leather strap that covers a USB, you will always have any information you may need with you wherever you go.

Show off your monogram proudly with this large key chain from Marleylilly! With 16 acrylic colors to choose from, including tortoise and gold glitter, you are sure to find the perfect key chain to represent you. Measuring 2.5 inches, this key chain will surely stand out and set your keys apart!

Keep two precious photos with you at all times with this key chain from Coach! This small picture holder features a turnlock clasp that opens to reveal two small slots where you can proudly show off two of your favorite photos no matter where you are. This makes a great gift idea for all mothers out there who love showing off their families!

Similar to the Monogrammed Tassel Key Chain listed near the top of this post, this key chain from Marleylilly is right on trend for the season! Instead of having a plain gold or silver disc, these key chains feature a disc and tassel in some of this season most popular color combinations. Plus, you get to choose from a variety of monogram color options giving you more freedom to create your own look!

Classically simple, this Kate Spade key chain is ideal for any and everyone, no matter their style. This silver key chain is shaped in their trademark spade logo with the phrase "off we go!" engraved into the center. Just small enough to add some fun to your keys without adding the bulk of a big key chain.

This Michael Kors key chain is cute and stylish and great for your keys or as an added accessory to your favorite bag! Fashioned after one of their most popular bag styles, this little key chain has a zippered pouch to keep change or other small items hidden away but always with you!

So tell us what you think! Which key chains are now a must have on your list?

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