Easy Halloween Costumes From Your Closet!

7:08 PM

Everyone has that one Halloween that just seems to creep up on them (no pun intended) where you find yourself without a costume. Well, we are here to help make life a little easier for you during this struggle with some simple and easy costumes you can fashion from your own wardrobe! Sure, they might not be the most original costumes ever, but they work in a pinch! Check out these easy looks and start searching your closet now!

Every woman can make this costume happen! We all have that classic little black dress and black heels. And if you don't already own a strand of pearls you can find them just about anywhere in a wide price range. May not be the most original costume, but when you're in a pinch this will always work!

A little more unique, this scarecrow costume can be put together with any plaid shirt, boots, and a hat. Most of us already have those items in our closet! Add some cute boots and carry around some flowers to finish off this costume!

No one will have to ask what you are this Halloween when you show up in this! Just take an old white tank top and cut holes in the chest and throw it over any purple bra with a black skirt and heels and boom, you're Regina George! Everyone will want to be just as cute and clever as you this Halloween!

The 70's are coming back so many of you already have a lot of items in your closet with this motif in mind. So just throw on your most psychedelic top, some bell bottoms, and fringe and you're ready to go!

This costume is always a hit! Tie that white button up top of yours, roll up the sleeves of your sweater, and pull those knee high socks up high. Finish off the look with pigtail braids and scrunchies and you're ready to "Hit me baby, one more time!"

By far the simplest costume you can be this Halloween! People may not get it at first when they see you walk in the door, but as soon as you hit your emoji girl poses they will know who you are and think you're quite clever! And lets face it, we all have a pink long sleeve shirt somewhere in our closet!

Shirt: Champion Tee

So what costume can you make out of your closet? We'd love to hear so let us know!

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