Style Guide: Spring Weddings

4:30 PM

It's officially wedding season! That means cute dresses, dancing, champagne, and perfect photo ops with BAE all season long!

With all this excitement, sometimes it's hard to find the perfect outfit. Here is a list of some outfit inspiration fit for any occasion:

Maxi dresses are best for formal weddings. Not only are they chic and comfortable, but they will keep you warm on those cool spring nights! Pair it up with a neutral clutch, some monogrammed earrings, and some cute heels and you're ready to take on the night! 

Casual weddings are the best. They're easy and fun! Stick with shorter dresses and some cute monogrammed sandals for this wedding. Add on a simple tassel necklace and a colored crossbody and you're in business!

Sometimes invitations aren't super clear on proper attire. Or maybe someone invited you to be their guest and they have no idea what the occasion is... In this case, it's best to stick with a dress that you can dress up or down. That way you can rock the best of both. However, worst case scenario, better to be over dressed than under! Here we've picked two styles that can be causal, but with a little sprucing, can pass just as well for formal weddings. Some cute wedges, and metalic gold earrings are perfect for these looks. 

Happy Dancing!

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