My Internship Experience With Marleylilly

by - Friday, December 14, 2018

experiences from my marleylilly internship

How has the time already come for me to write my final blog?! It is crazy for me to think that 15 weeks here at Marleylilly has already come and gone, but I've learned immeasurably more than anticipated, and I could not be more excited to take the skills I've learned into the workforce! 


While it's crazy to think how fast the time has gone over the past semester, what's crazier to me is what all has been accomplished since I've been here. Marleylilly has an evolving and fast-paced environment, and it is so evident that they do not plan on slowing down in growth anytime soon!

As the Marketing, Social Media and Graphic Design Intern, I have been given the opportunity to get first-hand, hands-on experience with marketing in a large company. Social media content creation, scheduling social media, graphic design, and weekly blog posts are just a few of the main things I have been responsible for over the past few months. 

I have had the opportunity to do so much more than what would be expected in a normal marketing internship. I have worked closely with almost every associate, each who has a unique and individualized role. I have spent a lot of time learning and helping with social media, along with public relations, and styling photos/photoshoots!

 Not only have I worked with just about every area of Marketing, but I've also spent a large amount of time in Customer Service. As the busiest time of year approaches for Marleylilly, they have given us the opportunity to hop right into helping and learning about the department. Along with that, we have been able to explore different areas of production. Learning about these different areas of the company helps to give me a holistic view of the company. I have been a part of a lot of the different parts throughout Marleylilly, which helps me gain better insight and a better perspective.

I've noticed that you can never be complacent, as customers are always dynamic and changing. We were constantly given different tasks each day, which were influenced by where the company was at and what was needed to help it grow further.  That's what has made this internship so much fun and never boring! It makes all the difference in the world when you wake up and don't dread going to work! :) 


While I have learned so many tips and skills that are only learned through experience, I'd love to share a few pieces of advice that you can take into consideration when taking on your next internship! 

As mentioned above, customers and consumers are always changing their desires, so trying to be one step ahead of the curve will help you in the long run. We came across many instances over the past semester where plans had to change at the drop of a dime because we needed to switch the marketing direction to stay ahead of our customers. So it's important to be looking for trends and be eager to constantly learn more about your field! The more time you invest in your passion, the more you have the competitive edge!

Getting involved in the culture of your workplace is so key! When there's an opportunity to do something outside of your normal routine, take advantage of those times. Those are the times when you can create the relationships and connections that are going to help you in the future! Being friendly and showing that you care about their time goes such a long way.

One final piece of advice is to soak up every ounce of knowledge and advice you are given! Your co-workers are in these positions for a reason, and you don't get many opportunities to work alongside people with the same passion as you before you hit the workforce. It's important to take advantage of the time you have with these experienced people and gain all of the insight you can to further help you in your industry for the future. So be enthusiastic to learn, ask questions, and take notes because you might not get another opportunity to gain the experience and skills anywhere else!

And that's my cue to sign off! For one last final time... 

Peace, love, and monograms,

💗 Hannah, ML Intern

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