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by - Tuesday, June 02, 2015

White Background Collage of Various Beige Fashion + Beauty Items

It's official—neutrals are the new black. When searching for the perfect staple pieces for your spring and summer wardrobe, don't darken your look... Rather, shop for fabulous neutrals that both flatter and compliment your style!

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MAKE-UP: Using neutral tone make-up products not only helps soften and feminize your look, they also help create a gorgeous natural appearance. You can find dozens of neutral tone options these days. Some of our favorites include: butterLONDON's 'Shop Girl' Nail Lacquer, Urban Decay's 'Naked2 Basics' Eyeshadow Palette, and bareMinerals's 'Nude Perfection' Lip Trio! You can find these products at any Sephora or Ulta beauty product stores. (For more budget-friendly options, hit up any of your local drugstores!)

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ACCESSORIES: Everyone knows a little arm candy is the perfect way to complete any look! With these neutral color options, you have the ability to mix and match these pieces with any outfit and color combination. We've put together our favorite neutral tone accessories available at

White Background of 5 Neutral Dresses
DRESSES: We are loving this year's JCrew collection–featuring these beautiful neutral tone pieces! These dresses are so flattering and versatile, you could easily dress them up or down to style that perfect look for any occasion! We have also spotted other fabulous neutral pieces at Tory BurchExpress, and GAP.

White Background of 3 Neutral Shoes
SHOES: Neutral tone shoes are great options to pair with a wide variety of outfits choices. But our favorite thing about neutral tone shoes are their ability to elongate and lengthen your look! These heels featured from Monday Dress are some of our favorites for the summer season (especially the studded heels similar to the Valentino styles).

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CLUTCHES: Last (but most definitely most important), clutches! No outfit is complete without the perfect handbag... and we are loving this year's neutral styles from Marleylilly. These styles are the perfect option for pairing with any outfit without distracting from your main statement pieces!

Are you loving neutrals? Tell us below!

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