How to Clean and Care for Your Sherpa Pullover

by - Friday, January 11, 2019

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Hey, loves! This time of year, there is one winter essential that we can’t go without: a Monogrammed Sherpa Pullover!

Amazingly soft and insulating, the Sherpa pullover is always a welcome gift for the holiday season. Unfortunately, this cozy winter garment can be prone to matting and pilling.

If you don’t take proper care of your Sherpa pullover, it can start looking a little worse for the wear. To keep you warm and looking cute all winter long, here is how to properly clean and care for your favorite Sherpa pullover:

close up photo showing sherpa detail

Washing Your Sherpa Pullover

First, let’s just say that you probably don’t need to wash your Sherpa pullover as often as you might think. Unless you’re getting it super dirty with each use, washing it once every four weeks or so should do the trick just fine.

washing and caring for your reversible sherpa pullover

When washing your Sherpa pullover, set your washing machine to a low temperature setting and put it on a delicate spin cycle. Use mild laundry detergent (fragrance-free, dye-free) only–no fabric softeners or bleach!

Also, do not wash your Sherpa pullover with other clothes. It may seem like a hassle, but this will keep it looking pristine while also preventing the dreaded fuzzies all over your other clothes.

Treating a Stain

One of the great things about Sherpa fleece is that it wicks away moisture and is excellent for spot treatments. If you get a stain on your favorite Sherpa pullover, simply rub a mild detergent into the area and hand wash with cool water.

For tougher stains such as paint, you can use odorless mineral spirits as a last resort. This can be found at your local grocery store or Home Depot.

Drying Your Sherpa Pullover

Once your Sherpa pullover is clean, hang it up to dry. Although some will throw it in the dryer on a low, tumble dry setting, your best bet is to let it air dry instead.

To prevent weird dents in your Sherpa pullover, use a hanger to air dry it. Hang it up in a warm, dry place where it can dry undisturbed for a few hours. Fluff it with your hands after it’s dry and it should look good as new.

Fixing Matting and Pilling

Alright, you now know how to clean and care for a brand new Sherpa Pullover. But what about your existing pullover? Is your favorite wintertime essential money down the drain?

If your Sherpa pullover looks a little worse for the wear with all the matting and pilling, don’t toss it aside just yet! There is a way to restore it to its former, fluffy glory.

To fix a matted Sherpa pullover, you’ll need a boar bristle brush or a pet slicker brush. You could possibly get away with a plastic hair brush as well, but the other two brushes will work best.

cleaning your monogrammed reversible sherpa pullover

Next, you will lay your pullover on a flat surface and brush the matted area in all different directions. This will help get the matted parts out easier. You can then take a lint roller over the garment to remove excess lint that is trapped in the fur.

A Super Easy Solution to Matting Problems

There are some days when you just don’t feel like going to the trouble of brushing out the matts in your Sherpa pullover. We get it.

If you’d rather skip the hassle, just pick up Marleylilly’s Monogrammed Reversible Sherpa Pullover! If it starts to matt because you’ve washed it too many times, simply flip it inside out and wear the adorable interior pattern instead!

Pair this cute outfit with some leggings and a pair of Monogrammed Duck Boots for a quintessential fall/winter look! You can always take care of the Sherpa side whenever you get around to it!

Snuggle Up in Your Cozy Sherpa Pullover!

Whether you need some extra warmth while doing some holiday shopping or want to cozy up in something while lounging around the house, the Sherpa pullover is a must-have style essential for the winter. To keep it looking and feeling cozy all winter long, this special pullover does need a little TLC every now and again! If you’re going to buy someone a Sherpa pullover this holiday season, remember to share this post with them! By doing so, they can keep their favorite monogram sweatshirt looking cute all winter long!
monogrammed reversible sherpa pullover

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