#USA Custom Kicks

by - Friday, June 29, 2018

patriotic sneakers

We are only FIVE days away from fireworks, sparklers, cookouts, and everything red, white, and blue, and I could not be more excited! 

This year, I have decided to wear my distressed shorts, American Flag Raglan T-Shirt, and DIY flower crown. But I'm torn between sandals or sneakers — that is until I was inspired to make my own festive and inexpensive RW&B canvas sneakers!

I've seen a lot of my friends draw and paint on their white canvas sneakers. From words of inspiration to cat doodles, their shoes are one of a kind. All you need is a pair of plain white canvas sneakers. You can find them at Target, Walmart, and any other store in your area my pair is from Marleylilly, but any white pair will do!

fourth of july sneakers decorated

Ribbon Laces
Throw out those boring white laces and grab fun ribbon! Before you remove the original laces, observe how the shoes were originally laced so that you can achieve the same final look. Next, measure the original laces so that you know exactly how long to cut your new ribbon laces. Then lace 'em up! Tip: any ribbon will work; however, the thicker the ribbon the more study your laces will be, the better they will hold a bow, and the easier it will be to get out a knot.

Make your outfit POP with painted sneakers! Have an idea of what you want your sneakers to look like before you start painting on the canvas. Be cautious of how much paint you apply to your sneakers since they can only absorb so much. Use a towel to dab up excess paint/water, while also creating a unique texture to your sneakers. Don't let this paint scare you; it is simple and free so embrace your creativity!

All you need for these artsy sneakers is a Sharpie...or lots of colorful sharpies. Sketch out your desired design on a separate piece of paper before you start on the actual canvas sneakers. Once you are satisfied with your sketch, it is time to start the final product! Remove your shoelaces so that they are out of the way and you have a clear space. Feel free to grab a ruler or stencils if you want to mark out a grid for your drawing. If you use a pencil to outline your design, keep a chunky eraser on hand so that you can easily erase the lines. Draw stars, stripes, fireworks, RW&B polka dots, write festive sayings, and whatever else your creative mind desires!

I love a good at-home craft, but I love a good fashion hack even more! With your new #USA kicks, you and your DIY-self will sparkle through this year's Independence Day! 

How did you design your Custom Kicks? Let us know in the comments!

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