6 Things to Know When Ordering Custom Rain Jackets

by - Wednesday, December 19, 2018

info you need for ordering monogrammed rain jackets

Every woman should have a stellar rain jacket in her closet, including you. Add customization to yours and we bet you’ll love it so much you won’t even mind if it rains. Whether you're looking for something a bit reserved or something that showcases your big sense of style, you'll find exactly what you want at Marleylilly. The real challenge might be choosing just one, so go ahead and grab a couple so your rainy day style is always on point.

Blue Jacket

1. Function Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Fashion—How many times have you bought something out of necessity and realized it seriously lacked in the style department? You think, "Why can't this do what it's supposed to do and still look cute?" Well, you won't have to worry about that with our monogrammed rain jacket. These are definitely not your grandma's rain jackets. (No offense grams.) They surpass function and enter the cool zone. Not only will they keep you dry but you'll look great in them, too.

2. One Style Shouldn't Have to Fit All—We all love options. They keep things interesting and give you a better chance of finding something that really fits your individual style and personality. Thankfully, when ordering your custom rain jacket, not only can you choose the look, but for some jackets, you get to choose the color as well. The fact is, you might see a style that you like but you may not be a fan of the color.  Having a few options makes ordering your custom rain jacket a lot more fun. You can opt for a basic color like black or add some pizazz with a special color like coral. There's something for everyone.

women in Monogram jacket

3. Monograms Make it so Much Better—I mean really, who doesn't love monograms? Nowadays, you can monogram everything. And it’s no different with a custom rain jacket. A monogram gives it a life of its own and adds a certain kind of flair to an already cute jacket. Imagine buying matching rain jackets for you and your besties. More than likely all your monograms will be different. Having a monogrammed jacket makes it yours. And an added plus, there will be no confusion when searching the coat closet for your jacket.

Monogram jacket

4. It's Worth Every Penny—No buyers remorse will be happening here. The quality of these jackets is amazing. We've all been there—we buy something because the price is right but, as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." These jackets are not just beautiful to look at but beautifully made. And when you’re stepping out in particularly crummy weather, you know you’ll appreciate a little extra protection.

5. You Can Make it MatchWhat's a girl to do when she sees a great pair of rain boots to match her custom rain jacket? Buy it of course! What about an awesome monogrammed umbrella just because? You’ll feel totally protected and totally put together when you use these cute, matching staples to combat rain in head to toe style! Oh, and don’t forget to pair your personalized rain jacket with other monogrammed styles for a cohesive, preppy look.

6. You Can Make it Match Your Lifestyle— Like any piece of outerwear, your raincoat should be designed to handle your lifestyle and the weather where you live. Even though you’re buying a cute, fashion-forward option, yours can still totally jive with the way you wear it. For example, if you know you’re going to be wearing yours during long hours of tailgating, you might want to consider picking one that’s designed to provide warmth and protection from the weather at the same time.

Finding Your Dream Raincoat

Marleylilly offers cute, functional rain jackets to suit your specific sense of style. Make sure to explore our complete selection to find something that suits you to a T!

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    When ordering custom rain jackets, knowledge is your best friend. These six key insights can make your selection process a breeze: Understand your specific needs, select quality materials, prioritize durability, explore customization options, check sizing charts diligently, and always review the return policy. Armed with these insights, you'll not only stay dry but also make a fashion statement, no matter the weather.

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