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by - Monday, January 07, 2019

Tech tips from Marleylilly's Photographer

Vlogging is on the rise in 2018! According to inc.com's article, visual communication is becoming more popular than ever. People are more likely to watch a video than read an article (kind of ironic since I’m currently sitting here trying to get you to read this blog post!). This is causing today’s bloggers to move away from written content to more engaging video content. There are more outlets than ever today, including Facebook live, Instagram stories, Snapchat and YouTube. If you’re one of those people looking to make these moves, Marleylilly is here to help! Take a look at our Vlogging essentials:


This is the simplest and easiest way to get started. Our phones give us so much flexibility in what we can create for content. Pair yours with one of our monogrammed glitter phone cases to bring some bling to your live videos. Better yet, if all you want to do is carry your phone rather than a clunky purse, check out our monogrammed phone cross-bodies!

Want to show your followers some fresh new clothing finds? Whip out the smartphone and create some short clips of you trying on the clothes! Want to show off a new restaurant you think your followers would like? Record a short 15-second video of what you got to eat and drink! The possibilities are endless as you can post on any social media platform. 

DSLR Camera

This is for bringing your video content to the next level. A DSLR camera can bring a more professional aesthetic to your content. Not sure how to use one for video? Youtube is a great way to learn how with thousands upon thousands of tutorials for any camera out there. Although they are pricey, bringing quality to your videos shows that you care about the content you put out. Just think how cute you’ll look with a monogrammed camera strap around your neck as you document your next big vacation!

Laptop Computer

Of course, if you’re going to upgrade the video hardware, you’ll need a portable and reliable piece of technology to store, process, and edit all your video needs. You can't go wrong with a laptop, but you’ll want one that can handle the requirements that video files need. You’ll also want one if you travel a lot, as a desktop would be difficult to drag on a plane! To keep your computer safe from the elements, we offer a couple monogrammed laptop cases that will keep your mind at ease and make a great addition to your luggage pieces!

Let's say you aren’t a fan of a trackpad on your laptop and you like the feel of a mouse in your hand. Grab a monogrammed leather mousepad with your case so you aren’t having to use napkins in the coffee shop anymore.


This is a must. You aren’t going to want to ask random people to hold your camera if you are out somewhere. A tripod gives you the versatility to place your camera just about anywhere you want, as well as most angles you would need. 


Although today's standard DSLR’s come with built-in microphones, a quality one can bring that extra improvement to your videos to make them stand out. After all, how will your followers know that you got your cute top from Target if they can't hear you??

Video Editing Software

This gives you the freedom and power to really make your videos stand out with graphics, color correction, interesting transitions and editing techniques that keep your viewers' attention. It also helps you keep your raw footage organized and easily accessible when you need to build your stories. Some of the top softwares out there are iMovie, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro. iMovie is the simplest way to get started, but if you take the time to learn the latter two, you’ll be on your way to creating spectacular content! Editing while cozied up in a monogrammed blanket and boyfriend sweater while Friends is on in the background sounds like my kind of Saturday night! 

Some of the top softwares out there are iMovie, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro. iMovie is the simplest way to get started, but if you take the time to learn the latter two, you’ll be on your way to creating spectacular content!

Peace, love, and monograms!

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