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by - Friday, April 26, 2019

monogrammed beach essentials

Favorites from Marleylilly's Photographer

If you're anything like us, you've been planning your beach vacay for months! So don't stress about those outfits, we have you covered!  From beach basics to style mavin here are my favorite beach essentials from A to Z.

The first essential for the beach is a large beach bag. Remember bigger is better. When you bring a large bag like our Mega Beach Bag you can pack it all in an go.  Another great beach bag is our Monogrammed Beach Cooler Tote.   No need for a cooler and a bag when you can have both in one!  One thing I have learned about going to the beach is to make traveling to and from the beach as simple as possible.  Another new item that beachgoers should be aware of is Reef Safe sunscreen.  These are usually labeled on the front packaging and will help save our precious reefs from collapse. 

monogrammed beach bag with cooler

Want to make the transition from the beach to grill out party seamless? Make sure you wear your swimsuit under your clothes.  It can be super easy by going strapless with our Monogrammed Bandeau Top paired with Monogrammed Adjustable Bikini Bottoms.   If you're in an area that has cooler weather during the spring you can layer a Monogrammed Fringe Cardigan.  This is a great way to transition from the beach to grill out party.  If you're going to be boating, a must-have is the Monogrammed Fishing Shirt.  This shirt offers sun protection and is light enough to be comfortable over a swimsuit for all-day wear.  For those of us who like to waterski, a great top to wear is our Monogrammed Rash Guard.
monogrammed swim apparel

One way to make a statement at the pool or beach is with an awesome beach towel.  I like these printed Monogrammed Round TowelsThey are large enough to cover a chair at the pool and room for two at the beach.  If you need a smaller option try, these printed Monogrammed Beach Towels.
monogrammed towels

I sun protection earlier. The easiest way to do that is the sun hat.  There are plenty of great options for hats and my favorites are the Monogrammed Sprinkle Donut Hat and the Watermelon Sun Hat.  Watermelons are so on trend everyone will be asking where you got it!
monogrammed hats

There are so many great options when it comes to packing for the beach, and I hope that this blog post helps with the essentials.  Remember to drink plenty of water and lather up with that sunscreen. I hope to see you on a sandy beach soon!

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