Summer Vacation Monogrammed Travel Accessories

by - Friday, June 26, 2020

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Summer Vacation Monogrammed Travel Accessories

Summer has officially begun! Backyard cookouts, evenings on the porch, and lazy days at the pool are just a few of our favorite activities this year. If you’re like us, you LOVE to travel! There’s nothing better than a weekend trip to the lake or beach, soaking up some sun, and being with family. That being said, we all want to travel in style, and what better way to do that with our favorite monogrammed travel accessories! 

Monogrammed Weekender Bag

Coming in as our most popular travel bag, the Monogrammed Weekender Bag never disappoints! It’s stylish black and white stripe design with tan leather accents makes this bag go with anything. This bag also has snappable straps on its side, so if you overpack like us and need to fit extra souvenirs in, this is the bag for you! Throw in a Monogrammed Train Case and Monogrammed Hanging Toiletry bag to keep all your cosmetics and toiletries neat and tidy! 

Monogrammed Confetti Weekender Bag

If you aren’t feeling the chic look, then go for something a little more fun and peppy in the Monogrammed Confetti Weekender. You’ll be turning heads with the CUTEST travel bag around. Similar to our Monogrammed Weekender Bag, this weekender can fit everything but the kitchen sink in it. While you’re at it, match it with a Monogrammed Confetti Ditty Bag, Monogrammed Confetti Cosmetic Case, and Monogrammed Confetti Luggage Tag (We don’t want bags getting mixed up now do we?) to complete the most adorable travel set known to monogram lovers nationwide!

Personalized Cooler

The Personalized Cooler is personal favorite of ours here at Monogram HQ. This bag is essential for those days in the hot sun and you need a cool refreshing drink. We wouldn’t go anywhere without this staple! If you want to keep your drinks at their chilliest, then add in a Monogrammed Bottle Opener Koolie to match your cooler!

Monogrammed Large Beach Bag

And we are beach bound! The Monogrammed Large Beach Bag is yet another amazing travel bag for those who like to bring it all. This bag is perfect for family outings at the beach, especially when you need to pack 6 bottles of sunscreen, every sand castle toy known to man, and SNACKS! Speaking of snacks, a Monogrammed Small Cooler is just the right size to fit in this bag and can bring just the right amount of goldfish.

Monogrammed Mesh Beach Bag

If you like to keep your belongings to a minimal level, the Monogrammed Mesh Beach Bag is the cutest way to go! This bag’s mesh design is great perfect for putting all your sandy items in one place and cleaning after a fun filled day at the beach. If you are going for just a couple hours to the beach, then add in a Monogrammed Slim Can Koolie for your favorite beverage!

Casual Cinch Bag

The Monogrammed Casual Cinch Bag is perfect those those spontaneous day trips to wherever! You can throw just about anything in this bag and you will be on your way in no time!

So there you have it! There’s no better way to travel than with monograms! What are your favorite monogrammed travel accessories in your collection? And if you don’t have any, which will you be getting? Happy Monogramming!

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