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by - Monday, October 05, 2020

Monogrammed Collections to Love on

If you are anything like me, you would agree that there is nothing more satisfying and visually appealing than a matching, cohesive look. In a sea of plain black luggage pieces that circle around the baggage claim, you'll easily find your own if your monogram is featured on the front and the bags are cute, stylish, and unique. Whether it be a matching backpack and lunch bag, a color-coordinated luggage set, or a matching tote bag, key ring, and wallet -- we are all about it! Marleylilly understands and has created the most stylish collections that feature everyday bags and accessories that you can coordinate or mix and match, all to your heart's desires! 

The Confetti Collection from

1. Monogrammed Confetti Weekender - We cannot say enough great things about this weekender bag, and neither can those that have purchased the bag! With more than 60 five-star reviews, it is clear that this bag is not only super fashionable and cute, but it is the perfect way to pack all of your essentials for a weekend away! It is so vibrant and sparkly that it will surely catch everyone's eyes!

2. Monogrammed Confetti Ditty Bag - Inside of your Monogrammed Confetti Weekender, be sure to pack up and include this ditty bag. It is the perfect size for securely holding all of your toiletries for your trip. No one likes to have to dig in their weekender bag looking for the essentials. Keep them in one place with this ditty bag. For a matching look, grab the Monogrammed Confetti Cosmetic Case to hold all of your makeup!

3. Monogrammed Confetti Tote Bag - If you're looking to add a little fun, sparkle, and shine to your daily look, or you want to compliment the rest of your confetti collection, this tote bag is definitely for you! It is spacious enough to carry all of the every day essentials, like your wallet, keys, sunnies, laptop, and notebook! It makes for a lovely gift for your college-bound friend, or your sister who just scored a new job. If you're looking for a matching look, be sure to check out the adorable Confetti Key Fob and Confetti Card Case

4. Monogrammed Confetti Bible Carrier - This bible carrier makes for a lovely gift for a special lady in your life, and is also super practical. It will keep your bible secure and safe as you use it and carry with you. Not to mention, inside of the carrier, there is a pen holder, a bookmark, and a small zipper pocket! Be sure to check out all of Marleylilly's bible accessories!

The Black and White Stripe Set

The Black and White Stripe Set from

1. Monogrammed Weekender Bag - You can NEVER go wrong with black and white stripes! It is a classic and timeless pattern that matches everything! For those that are looking for the perfect bag to carry all of their weekend essentials and they prefer a more traditional look, this weekender is for you! This bag is super durable with genuine leather handles and it has two snapped straps in the folder corners of the bag that can be unsnapped to provide more space. It would make the perfect gift for a lady in your life that loves to travel, or one that is simply always on the go!

2. Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag - For your next adventure, you'll definitely want to pack some of your essential toiletries. Fit all of your essentials into this cosmetic bag that will perfectly match your weekender bag as you venture on your next trip, or in your monogrammed tote bag as you leave for a day around the city. Plus, there will be absolutely no confusion over which bags are yours as your monogram is featured front and center on your striped pieces, and your collection matches perfectly!

3. Monogrammed Trunk Organizer - If you're anything like me, you have a difficult time keeping all of your car's belongings organized and from rolling underneath all of the seats. Avoid the hassle and the mess, and opt for this adorable trunk organizer. It will keep all of your stuff in one place and it matches the rest of your black and white stripe set items! For even more car organization, be sure to grab yourself the Monogrammed Car Organizer that can sit in the passenger seat to hold your most needed items, like your drinkware, sunnies, and wallet.

4. Monogrammed Laptop Sleeve - Fitting inside of your Monogrammed Weekender Bag or your Monogrammed Travel Bag is this striped laptop sleeve. It is not only pretty but practical, as it will securely hold your laptop and it has a pocket for some notes. It would make for a perfect back-to-school, graduation, or new job gift!

The Clear Collection

The Clear Collection from

1. Monogrammed Clear Crossbody Bag - I cannot say enough about this super cute bag! It is the perfect size for carrying all of your essentials, AND it will easily get you through security at football games and concerts as it is completely transparent! It comes in three colorways: multi, silver, and gold. I personally think that the gold is my favorite. What is yours?

2. Monogrammed Clear Cosmetic Bag - This cosmetic bag is a great option for any girl that is looking to pack away some of her makeup essentials in her work, school, or everyday tote bag. Since it is clear, it is easy to see what is inside of the bag, so you won't have to go digging through your bag to find what you need!

3.  Monogrammed Clear Ditty Bag - Similar to the Monogrammed Clear Cosmetic Bag, this ditty bag is a great way to hold all of your toiletries and essentials while you travel because you can easily see what is inside of the bag. Get your girlfriend that is always on the go a ditty bag personalized with their monogram, and it will easily fit inside their weekender bag and make traveling so easy!

4. Monogrammed Clear Stadium Wristlet - If you prefer wristlets and clutches over crossbody bags and purses, this clear stadium wristlet is for you! Like the Monogrammed Clear Crossbody Bag, because this wristlet is transparent, you will get through security like a breeze! Be sure to check out other clear bags that are perfect for occasions like concerts and sporting events, such as the Monogrammed Clear Stadium Crossbody Bag.

The Quilted Travel Set

The Quilted Travel Set from

1. Monogrammed Quilted Weekender - If confetti and stripes weren't your styles, do not worry, this quilted weekender bag is for you! From a distance, the bag has a clean, simple, and preppy look. Up close, you can notice the quilted detailing that makes the bag absolutely darling! This is such a great option for any girl looking for one bag to hold all of her weekend necessities!

2. Monogrammed Quilted Hanging Toiletry Kit - This toiletry kit is unique in that it has a built-in hook that allows you to hang the bag in your bathroom or hotel room for perfect access to all of your essentials!

3. Monogrammed Quilted Cosmetic Case - Pairing perfectly with the Monogrammed Quilted Weekender and the Monogrammed Quilted Hanging Toiletry Kit is this cosmetic case. It will fit right inside of your weekender, along with the toiletry kit so that all of your daily essentials are neatly pack and very accessible throughout your adventures.

4. Monogrammed Quilted Jewelry Folio - Last, but not least, we had to include this jewelry folio that makes traveling with your monogrammed jewelry SO much easier. Transporting jewelry can be such a hassle because necklaces can get tangled and pieces can get lost. That is no longer an issue with this adorable folio! Keep your jewelry separated, organized, and accessible in this carrying case that will perfectly match the rest of your quilted travel pieces!

Travel with ease and organization by getting your own personalized and matching collection of travel pieces. Not only will you look stylish, but you'll stand out! 

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