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by - Friday, February 12, 2021


In this step-by-step guide, we cover the basics of product photography and videography, preparing for a photoshoot, setting up the set, and so much more! Remember that clothing photography and videography can be fun and when done right, can make your store look amazing! If you have any of your own tips, let us know in the comments below. 


Preparation is key to a great photoshoot. The time you put in here will save you so much editing time afterward and even save you time from redoing an entire shoot! We advise you to gather all the articles of clothing you wish to photograph and start a production line to get everything ready. 

Ironing or steaming all our garments is the first thing we do. Doing this before hanging everything to ensure no wrinkles are showing. Looking out for those tiny details on your garments. Checking if all the buttons accounted for and buttoned up. Making sure the sleeves are not only folded neatly but folded consistently. Making sure there are no stains on the clothing.  


Create a shot list. This helps both sides video and photo understand what absolutely needs to be accomplished during the shoot. While it's always fun to get creative in the moment, the shot list serves as a great guide to help us get the most of our shoot. 

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Don't overlook the small details when you photograph and take videos on clothing. 
We want to make sure the customer is receiving the exact same thing that is photographed. So take photos and video of the stitching, fabric, pattern, tags, zips, buttons, and anything else about your clothing item that you think the customer may want to see before making a purchase. 


With just a minute to work with, it's all about impact and engagement. We like to shoot with creative transitions in mind to add production to the final video. Making sure we shoot the sequences that feature the products key selling points. If we are shooting an athletic look, we are going to want to shoot various movements in the clothing, the consumption of a hydrating drink as a prop, then demonstration of the entire look. With many various shots we can tell the story of the product quickly and get the message

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Models can strike any kind of pose or work with any kind of angle that flatters your piece of clothing. This will help create the perfect content shot of our product which we can use on our social platforms and e-commerce store. The models should experiment with different poses but making sure they don't cover too much of the product that we are selling after all the buyer wants to see the details. 


This is one of the most cost effective way to photograph  clothing items. Flat lay photography works well for shirts, dresses, and so many more items. When it comes to product images, displaying them in a more realistic form is of much more value to our customers. To take a great flat lay we use different flat backgrounds and tethering cameras on top of the flat lay. We make sure our products are looking their best, by ironing the clothes and making sure the collars are in place and buttons are done. We can give the product an extremely smooth , flat shape, or even a scrunched up look. It is important to consider the ways in which your products are related to one another. Photos should clearly communicate a common theme, color, or occasion.


The benefit of choosing one background color means store consistency, white offers the best look as far as making different color and style products look great. Plus, if we want to show our products with the least amount of distractions, white backgrounds are the best way to do this. Don't forget the small details when placing your products. 

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The last thing we need to do is upload our items, making sure that we match the image requirements. 

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