How to Clean and Care for Your Monogrammed Tote Bags

by - Wednesday, June 02, 2021

how to clean and care for your monogrammed totes

Today canvas tote bags are the perfect addition for anybody on the go. They are light but sturdy, come in all sizes and can last a long time if properly taken care of. In this blog I'll show you all the steps to keeping your monogrammed tote in tip top shape. We will go over how to: prep for cleaning, remove stains, manual washing and machine washing, rinsing and drying, and lastly how to store your personalized tote.

To start, depending on what kind of monogrammed tote bag you own it is a good idea to remove any additions like buttons, scarves, or inserts. To prep your personalized tote for wash empty out any contents like sand, coins or trash.  A good tip is to flip the bag inside out to make sure everything is out.  If your monogrammed tote has a painting or print make sure to wash it with cool water. If your customized tote has a design on it that might fade or bleed to other clothes it is a good idea to test it first. Place a small area of the bag in water and let it sit for about 10mins. Check to see if any dye transferred around the tote. Wring out the wet portion and if any color bleeds out then wash separately.

Cleaning Monogrammed Tote Bag

If your monogrammed tote has a stain on it put some liquid detergent or stain remover and give it a little extra love before adding to wash.  Check to see if the stain remover does not cause color discoloration in a small part of the bag. Spot cleaned around the bag until all stain are attended too.  If no discoloration occurs then use a soft towel to remove stains, just don't scrub hard because it could cause discoloration or damage.  Dab the stain with a wet white towel.  Repeat for each stain.

If you have a white or plain color monogrammed tote most are good to go in the washing machine.  If your monogrammed canvas tote has leather or certain types of prints its best to hand wash.  After washing by hand you can rinse with a white towel in cold water.  After washing in the washing machine remember to rinse it well!  Some liquid detergent can linger in the fabric.

With all the prep done and stains checked it is time to throw into the washing machine. If your personalized tote bag has a label with specific washing instructions follow as directed.  When the wash is over take the bag out to dry.  It might look a little odd all bunched up but it will go back to normal if you dry it properly.  Dry on a clothesline if possible.  Air drying is the best way.  Drying it in the dryer can cause shrinkage.  

Washed Cotton Tote Bag

Make sure to store the dry monogrammed tote bag upright so it will retain its original shape.  Don't store in a plastic bag as this could cause mold to grow.  If you have a protective spray use to prevent future stains. 

Some quick tip reminders for cotton canvas bags are: pretreat stains with stain remover, use cold water, let it air dry, and iron on medium setting if it is still wrinkly when dry.

Monogrammed Canvas Bag

Now you know all the steps to keeping your monogrammed tote looking amazing!  Thanks for following along and please share any tips and tricks you have with our community in the comments below.

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