Monogrammed Jewelry Makes a Special Gift for a Loved One

by - Friday, October 29, 2021

Monogrammed, Marleylilly, Personalized, Custom

Already thinking about Christmas shopping for your loved one? You are not alone.  This year, more than ever it is a great time to get ahead and shop early.  In this blog post, I'll share my favorite jewelry pieces that make perfect gifts sure to spark joy and happiness in your loved one. 

Monogrammed, Marleylilly, Personalized, Custom

First, let's begin with my favorite rings from! The 1.Monogrammed Nala Ring adds a classic and timeless look plus is a part of the popular Nala Collection.  This Sterling silver ring includes a delicate rope design around the monogram.  The 2. Monogrammed Adjustable Cross Ring is the perfect ring for every occasion! This ring has a unique comfortable fit which makes it perfect for anyone.  3. Monogrammed Round Rhinestone Ring adds some glitz and glam to any outfit!  An adorable monogram and delicate pave detailing make this an elegant addition to holiday parties and date nights. The 4. Monogrammed Adjustable Ring is another ring that features a unique comfortable fit and is made of sterling silver and 14k gold plating. Super trendy your loved one will make this a part of every outfit. Last in the ring category is the 5. Monogrammed Cut Out Ring.  Handcrafted and available in sterling silver, these monogrammed rings are truly one of a kind.  Grab this one soon as it typically takes 1-3 weeks to make and cannot be rushed!  So, be glad you're reading this now!

Monogrammed, Marleylilly, Personalized, Custom

Necklaces are always an outfit's shining star.  My first pic is on-trend and sooo cute! The 1. Monogrammed Medallion Necklace is a no-brainer!  Available in silver and gold it's perfect for wearing alone or adding with other necklaces.  My second favorite is the 2. Monogrammed Layered Cross Necklace. This necklace provides effortless style and is a classic piece.  Another trending style is the 3. Monogrammed Padlock Necklace.  This lock pendant is a great gift for moms, girlfriends, brides, and best friends.  4.  Sideways Initial Necklace If you want to add some sparkle to your loved one try this contemporary spin on the classic initial necklace. Thanks to the single letter makes a statement and can be worn alone or stacked.  5. The Ultimate classic look the 5. Monogrammed Delicate Disc Necklace has a minimal style and is available in three colors.  

Monogrammed, Marleylilly, Personalized, Custom

Earrings can be an extra special thoughtful personal gift.  1. Monogrammed Huggie Earrings are a delicate must-have for their jewelry box.  2. Monogrammed Hexagon Stud Earrings and 3. Monogrammed Pearl Drop Earrings are both available in silver and gold finishes and are great additions to any jewelry box.  4. Pave Disc Earrings will add some glitz to any glamour friend.  Last on the earring list is the 5. Monogrammed Hoop Earring.  These monogrammed earrings will add the perfect touch to any look all year long.  This is the easiest crowd-pleaser on this list.

Monogrammed, Marleylilly, Personalized, Custom

Want to get a gift that is going to knock your loved ones' socks off? Then grab the 1.Monogrammed Stretch Chain Link Bracelet.  This engraved custom piece features a monogram on the front charm.  It has stretchy links that will fit most.  Another version of the chain trend is the 2. Monogrammed Chain Link Bracelet.  Available in gold or silver it would look great stacked with another bracelet or worn by itself.  the 3. Monogrammed Initial Bracelet features a punched-out single initial of your choice and a small "ML" charm.  Next up, the 4. Monogrammed Lock Chain Bracelet.  Keep a lock on this latest trend.  It's perfect as a stand-alone or stacked piece. Lastly, we have the 5. Monogrammed Cuff Bracelet.  This classic piece is the perfect addition to any arm.  It comes in two sizes so it can fit almost any wrist.

Thanks for reading along and I hope I helped spark some ideas for what to get your loved one this year.  Remember holiday shopping doesn't have to be hard and is so easy on  With shipping being an issue this year it's good to go ahead and shop now.  Feel confident that no matter what you buy, all of these options make amazing personalized gifts. 

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  1. Guest will be impressed not only by the deli assortment but by the beautiful monogram engraved onto the corner of the board. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to throw parties and get-togethers.