My Internship Highlight Reel

by - Friday, December 17, 2021

My internship highlights

This past fall I was given an incredible opportunity to join the Marleylilly family as their Marketing and Social Media Intern. As an intern, I worked alongside our marketing and creative teams, assisting with daily tasks and photo requests. Some tasks included writing and scheduling social media posts and creating and uploading original content for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and our blog. Additionally, I attended photoshoots, filmed try-on sessions for new arrivals, and went on adventures to capture user-generated photos to be used for ad campaigns. This experience was nothing of an ordinary internship, it was extraordinary! Now, after 18 impactful weeks, I leave here knowing more than I ever imagined learning when I arrived. But, before I say goodbye, I'd like to share with you my favorite memories at Marleylilly Headquarters.

highlight 1

  From the moment my internship started, I knew it was going to be an incredible semester based on how welcoming and friendly everyone was. Marleylilly does a great job at incorporating social and work events into their calendar, which helped me form real and meaningful relationships during my short time here. My favorite memories include doing a 'Dirty Santa' white elephant gift exchange over the holidays and getting to pitch our idea of an Intern Training Handbook to the executive team with my fellow intern, Cati Beth. I have learned so much over the past 18 weeks that I'll utilize in the future whether it be for marketing, social media, or general life! 

It's been said that the people make a place, and I can genuinely say that it's the Marleylilly family who makes this such a thriving workplace. There's a reason it's called the 'Marleylilly family'. During my time working here, our staff became more of a family than a group of coworkers to me. Thank you all for giving me an encouraging and loving, professional home. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you and will forever cherish my time being a part of this team! 

Highlight #2

Another highlight of this internship was getting to do product photoshoots. Setting up OOTD flat lays was always satisfying and I learned a lot from our photographer, Clifford, about how to manipulate clothing to bring life to it and achieve your desired image. When I first heard of the term "shoefie" I was very confused, but quickly began to appreciate this shoe selfie art the importance of setting the product scene. My absolute favorite product photography was when I was able to accompany the creative team to their shoot and assist them in their lifestyle photo requests. I even got to model some of the clothing which was also really fun! There was nothing cooler than seeing the final images of a product shoot, specifically jewelry because I was always so impressed with how even the smallest details were beautifully captured!

Highlight #3

Content creation was something I was most excited to do after interviewing for this position, but I never imagined I would have as much fun as I did doing it! Some of my favorite tasks included getting to curate my own blog posts, designing creative product slides highlighting new arrivals, best sellers, and promotional deals for our Instagram and Facebook stories, filming trendy TikToks, and uploading new arrival Try-on Sessions. 

Something Cati Beth and I are most proud of achieving during the duration of our internship includes increasing Marleylilly's followers on TikTok by 70%! I'm also very proud of the success of our overall TikToks! One that I had created became the second-highest liked Marleylilly TikTok with over 23,800 likes. Another featuring both me and Cati Beth directed by our photographer Clifford became the highest performing TikTok to date! 'Count em' has over 886,800 views, 35,200 likes, and over 2,595 shares! It is such a great feeling seeing something you've put a lot of effort into performing well or going viral.

No matter what it was that we did, there was never a dull moment when we pulled out the tripod! I'm going to miss all the goofy moments and shared laughs but most importantly, the day I squeezed into 14 shirts and tried to maneuver around the building while being shaped like a marshmallow.

Highlight #4

Little excursions to Hobby Lobby, Target, Publix, tree farms, and pumpkin patches for photo requests with our videographer Lina will be something I truly am going to miss! This makes my list of highlights because it encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and get comfortable in front of crowds and cameras while channeling my 'inner influencer'. Despite some odd looks here and there, these trips were always full of fun, and laughter!

Even though our secret missions have come to an end, there's a lot that I am proud of! With the creative team's guidance and Emily A's Facebook magic, we've had great success with these posts with two reaching over 1 million people on Facebook and over 40,000 post engagements on each! Additionally, one post reached almost 400,000 people organically in less than 24 hours with over 3,000 product link clicks! Life's too short to take yourself too seriously and these humorous trips helped me realize that.

As I leave today, I am overflowing with gratitude. These past five months have been better than I ever could have imagined and I am so thankful for the people who made this workplace more than just a job. Like any great team, they encouraged me, assisted me, and made me better at whatever I was doing. Working with Marleylilly has truly been a privilege. While today is my last day here, instead of saying goodbye, I'll say until we meet again.

And that's my cue to sign off! For one last final time... 

With love and Celsius,
Brooke Kopittke | Marketing + Social Media Intern

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