The Perfect Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids

by - Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Looking for the perfect Bridesmaid gifts? Personalized gifts are especially meaningful and Marleylilly has tons of options. This blog will tell you about some of the amazing options available, so relax, and break out your laptop! It's time to shop!

Contrary to what you may have heard, you don't have to get everybody the same thing. Although it will make for epic photos! We made sure to list a wide range of options with high and low prices to make planning and shopping easier. Whether it be a Personalized Tote Bag or a Cozy Robe, Marleylilly has everything you will want and need!

Hats, Swim Visors, Initial Baseball Hat from Marleylilly

Left to Right: Baseball HatMonogrammed Swim VisorInitial Baseball Hat

Let's start with some inexpensive but super functional hats. Definitely one of the most affordable options is the Baseball Hat. They come in a variety of colors and are the perfect topper for any outfit. If you have a bridesmaid's party at the beach this is a fashionable and functional gift. If your going to be around a pool the Monogrammed Swim Visor offers a little more sun protection and goes perfect with a ponytail. Of course, we can't leave out the Initial Baseball hat which is always trending with its leopard print. These single initial hats are a great way to spice up the bride squad!

Bracelets, Rings, Jewelry from Marleylilly

Left to Right: Stud Earring SetBall BraceletInitial Bracelet

Jewelry is the understated gift that always shines! It can also be a nice finishing touch to any bridesmaid outfit. Add a little sparkle to the bridal party with some Stud Earring Sets. These sets come in silver or gold and have two different back styles. In the same price range of the Stud Earrings is the Ball Bracelet. Perfect for casual days or dressy nights, these are a dainty gift that your bridesmaids will love. The most affordable gift on this list is the Initial Bracelet. It comes in gold or silver, stretches for a wide range of sizes, and has a Marleylilly charm.

Tumblers, Tote Bags, Stickers, Monogrammed Gifts from Marleylilly

Left to Right: Monogrammed Tumbler, Bridesmaid Sticker, Personalised Tote Bag

Let's get to some of the fun in this list starting with the most popular gift the Monogrammed Tumbler. The tumbler cup and straw are fun at the pool, lake, or pretty much anywhere! Another drinkware option is the Slim Can Koolie. We love the white colorway with pink monogramming. The perfect little add-on is the Bridesmaid Sticker. Give everybody in the crew one to go with their tumbler or koolie. They even have a Bride, Maid of Honor sticker, and a Matron of Honor sticker. Keeping cool is a necessity and the Personalised Coolers are super fun and meaningful gifts that your bridal party will use long after the weekend festivities. From cold drinks to warm summer nights no bridal party is complete without the stylish Personalised Tote Bag. This durable bag is perfect for packing all the essentials wherever you'll travel to. A classic Marleylilly gift is the Monogrammed Fishing shirt. These cute oversized shirts make awesome beach cover-ups and add a touch of whimsy to your bridal party. Can you picture you and your squad walking down the beach in these? We can!

Okay, so we covered some of the basics and a few fun personalized gifts so let's look at some of the pricier options. One of our favorite options for you and your besties is the Personalized Robe. Having matching robes while you get ready can make for some of the most memorable photos of your big day! Another option that was super cute was the Monogrammed Bath Robe. With two color options, you could pick the white colorway for the bride and pink for the bridesmaids. The robe has tons of classic, funky, or fancy monogram fonts to give each member a personal flair. For the comfiest gift, the Monogrammed Cozy Robe is towards the upper end of the price range, but the quality and material - it is unmatched. It's the perfect complement to the Shorties Sleep Set. Marleylilly pajamas are the coziest, comfiest, custom monogrammed set anywhere! 

We hope that you now have a better idea of what to get your bridal party. With so many affordable options to choose it can be hard to pick just one! No matter what you choose your squad will surely love each item differently. Monogramming a gift adds that special touch that says you care and value their friendship. Let us know in the comments if you purchased monogrammed gifts for your bridal party and any fun stories you have! Thanks again for reading.

                                                        Peace, Love, and Monograms!

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