New Packable Collection

by - Monday, February 13, 2023


Packable Collection

We just launched our NEW Packable Collection! The Packable Collection contains eight items that will help you pack all your travel essentials with ease. Whether you are a light or you're an over-packer, these items will keep you stylish and organized on the go. This collection contains is perfect for any trip! Its versatile items have you covered from a short weekend getaway to a much-needed weeklong vacation. Let's travel through this collection together!

Monogrammed Packing Set
Monogrammed Packing Bag Set

Never know where to begin when it comes to packing? Our Packing Bag Set has you covered. This set contains six bags to ensure you can fit all your travel essentials in your monogrammed luggage. These bags will keep your items in place and protected throughout your travels. Use these bags to store electronics, separate your tops and bottoms, and locate your essentials in an instant. Prepare for your next trip and pair this packing bag set with a monogrammed tote or travel bag!

Marleylilly Packable Duffel Bag
Packable Duffel Bag

This Monogrammed Packable Duffel Bag is ideal for a weekend getaway. But if you always end up leaving a trip with more than you packed, then you need this duffel! Its packable size allows you to easily pack and store the duffle in any tote or bag. Browse all five of the available colors to find a bag that fits your style!

Marleylilly Garment Bag
Packable Garment Bag

This Monogrammed Packable Garment Bag is great for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free on the go! This garment bag can hang perfectly wherever you travel and features a full-length zipper for easy access to your clothes. Our lightweight garment bag is easy to carry on short or long trips!

Expandable Travel Bag
Monogrammed Expandable Travel Bag

Too much to pack and not enough space? Our Monogrammed Expandable Travel Bag provides you with extra space for your necessities! Whether you are an over-packer or accumulate new items on a trip, this bag features a zipper to expand the amount of packing space. Pack like a pro with our Monogrammed Expandable Travel Bag!

Monogrammed Packable Laundry Bag 

With our Monogrammed Packable Laundry Bag, you'll never mix up dirty and clean clothes again! This bag will help you quickly and easily sort worn clothes to keep your items organized. This means no more digging through the dirty laundry to find the last piece of clean clothing! Its lightweight, mesh material allows this bag to pack easily and take up little space. With our monogrammed packable laundry bag, you can benefit from and save time sorting your clothes on a trip. It also makes a great gift for college students!

Monogrammed Packable Travel Case

Keep your toiletries organized on the road with our Monogrammed Packable Travel Case! This bag features three interior pockets to fit all your bathroom essentials, such as shampoo, lotion, makeup, and skincare products. Its sturdy, built-in hook allows you to hang and store this bag anywhere. With its variety of prints, you’re sure to find a packable hanging case to complete your packing collection!

Shower Bag
Monogrammed Shower Bag

Our Monogrammed Shower Bag is ideal for storing bathroom essentials at home or on the go! Keep your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion secured and organized in this bag. Its built-in snap handle allows you to hang your bag anywhere on the road or at home.

Monogrammed Packable Cosmetic Bags

These Monogrammed Packable Cosmetic Bags will keep your essentials organized wherever you go! These bags are perfect for both everyday use and travel. Its packable size allows you to store this cosmetic bag perfectly in a purse, carry-on, car, or bathroom. This set features three bags with zipper top closures to ensure your items are securely organized on the go. With their various prints, the packable cosmetic bags make a great personalized gift for friends and family!


Comment down below which item from the Packable Collection you want to add to your travel essentials!

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