Top Athletic Wear by Activity Type

by - Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Top Athletic Wear by Activity Type

Top Athletic Wear by Activity Type

Choosing the right workout clothes for different activity styles can be exciting. Finding the best T-shirts, leggings, mats or shoes is much easier when you understand precisely what you need to buy. If you have questions about the appropriate attire or fabric types for each activity, you can explore Marleylilly's recommendations.

The Best Activewear for Different Activities

Perhaps you play a team sport and want to find new clothes, or maybe you're trying yoga for the first time and want some recommendations. Whatever the case, you may wonder how to choose the right activewear. Different types of activewear may be appropriate depending on the activity or sport. Here are the best activewear and activity essentials for hiking, running and team sports, and yoga. 

1. Hiking

Hiking is the most fun when the weather and sky are clear, and finding the right apparel can help protect you from the sun's rays or other weather elements. For example, Marleylilly offers a monogrammed baseball hat that can help protect your eyes and face from the sun during your hiking trip. 

If you want to add some personalization, consider a monogrammed baseball hat. Made with breathable cotton and twill, baseball hats provide shade when you most need it. They can also help protect you from bugs that fall from surrounding bushes and trees.

Another essential hiking item is boots. Consider investing in a reliable and heavy-duty pair of hiking boots or duck boots. Heavy-duty boots are reliable and protect your feet from rough trails, rocks or other tripping hazards. Duck boots are perfect for those who want protection from rain, water or snow during their hike. With waterproof soles and a lined interior, duck boots keep your feet dry during the day and help you stay steady despite the terrain.

Besides hats and boots, activewear like pullover sweatshirts, umbrellas, parkas or backpacks offers essential protection against the elements. Pullover sweatshirts are great for layering over your clothes when the weather gets cold. Umbrellas and parkas offer much-needed rain protection during your hike, while backpacks come in all shapes and sizes depending on what you need to bring.


Monogrammed Leopard Sneakers

2. Running and Team Sports

Whether you run daily or play a team sport, finding suitable shirts, pants and shoes is essential. Whether you run track, prefer off-road trails or enjoy running along your hometown sidewalks, you likely appreciate comfortable pants like joggers, leggings and running shorts. 

Joggers are made from a cool, comfortable fabric that allows your body to breathe while working out, walking or running. Depending on your playing season, joggers come in various materials, such as linen, cotton and rayon. 

Leggings offer a tight, comfortable feel for those who want a fabric that fits close to their body. Leggings offer freedom of movement and come in various colors and patterns. Other pants, like running shorts, offer comfort during the warmer months. 

Another essential item for running and team sports is supportive footwear. Sneakers and tennis shoes offer comfort, and many come with foam support or are made of a lightweight material. Marleylilly offers various shoes for your sport, including monogrammed leopard sneakers and monogrammed tennis shoes.

Other items like hats and visors can protect your eyes and face from the sun while you play or run outside. Visors help protect the face while allowing your hair to breathe. With many shapes and sizes to choose from, you're sure to find headwear that works for you.

3. Yoga

Reliable gear can help create a more enjoyable yoga experience. Because yoga involves various positions, such as head and shoulder stands or inverted positions, finding clothing that won't ride up or slide down is essential. Yoga pants and high-rise leggings offer comfort and flexibility. Leggings are often available in polyester or spandex varieties. Many yoga pants and leggings come with helpful features, such as:

  • Stretch: Leggings can be stretched into almost any direction, which is perfect for those who practice multiple yoga positions. 
  • Moisture prevention: Many yoga pants come with moisture-wicking material, allowing you to keep cool when working up a sweat.
  • Sun protection: Some leggings offer UPF sun protection, which prevents UV rays from reaching your skin during outdoor classes.
  • Antimicrobial finish: An antimicrobial finish keeps bacteria away that might cause an odor.

For those who do yoga from home, you might enjoy lounge shorts from Marleylilly. Lounge shorts offer a loose and flowy feel for those who want more comfort in the privacy of their home. If you practice yoga at a studio, you may be interested in a monogrammed yoga mat. Monogrammed yoga mats offer personal and creative flare. Plus, you'll never confuse your mat with someone else's when you have a mat displaying your initials. 

Other Activewear Essentials

Besides finding out what to wear for different sports, you may want to explore other activewear essentials. You can find many pieces that are great for any activity or are simply helpful to have on hand. 

Tank tops are essential for those who often exercise or play sports outside. These sleeveless shirts will leave you free to play and move around while resisting sweat buildup or excessive heat. Marleylilly offers various scalloped tank tops you can pair with your favorite leggings or yoga pants.

Biker shorts are an excellent option for those who want breathability and comfort. Whether you plan to go biking or would like a shorter option for your sport's practice time, biker shorts let you move while keeping you cool. You can even wear biker shorts for your daily outings or running errands, making them a versatile closet staple.

Scrunchies, ponytails and other hair options allow you to keep your hair back while running, hiking or participating in team sports. Marleylilly offers a silver metallic scrunchie, among other hair options, to keep you exercising in style.

Finally, staying hydrated during your activity is critical. Invest in a water bottle or travel tumbler to keep you hydrated during your sports practice or personal workout session. Whether you want a monogrammed motivational water bottle with unique flare or a travel tumbler for heavy-duty hydration, drinking water during exercise can keep you hydrated and healthy.


Invest in Marleylilly's Activewear

Invest in Quality Activewear From Marleylilly

Marleylilly provides high-quality monogrammed clothing and accessories for all your activewear needs. We also offer products like monogrammed jewelry, shoes, bags and water bottles. Each of our monogrammed products receives individualized attention and is designed in-house. Find your new favorite activewear from Marleylilly today! 

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