What to Wear to Holiday Family Photos

by - Friday, December 08, 2023

What to wear to Holiday Family Photos

'Tis the season for joy, laughter, and cherished family moments, and what better way to capture these precious memories than with a festive holiday photoshoot? Whether you're posing in front of a twinkling Christmas tree or enjoying the crisp winter air outdoors, selecting the perfect outfits for the entire family can turn a simple snapshot into a timeless keepsake. Keep reading for the perfect outfit ideas for your holiday photos! Because let's face it – there's something extra special about coordinated outfits that showcase the love within a family.

Mom and Baby Matching Red Buffalo Plaid Outifts with Long Sleeve Shirt and Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt

These Mom and Baby matching outfits create a cozy holiday scene with mom rocking a stylish Red Buffalo Plaid Monogrammed Puff Sleeve Top perfectly matched by her little one in a cute Monogrammed Long Sleeve shirt! Add this adorable hair bow with a red monogram to top off your little one's holiday ensemble! With matching red buffalo plaid, these outfits would pop against an outdoor backdrop, making for a picture-perfect moment.

Mom and Sisters matching outfits with Puff Sleeve Striped Sweatshirts and beanies

Get ready to capture holiday cheer with festive mom-and-sister outfits. In this festive photo, Mom and her daughters can sport matching Monogrammed Puff Sleeve Sweatshirts adorned with bright, cheerful stripes that radiate warmth and joy. Topping off the look are trendy hot pink Chunky Knit Beanies, adding a playful pop of color to the ensemble. The combination of cozy sweatshirts and vibrant beanies not only keeps the family snug during a Christmas photoshoot but also creates lasting memories for years to come.

Mom and Son matching outfits with Plaid layering tunic and christmas sweatshirt with baby booties and hiking boots

Elevate your holiday photoshoot this year with an adorable mother-son duo dressed in complementing outfits. Picture the little one in a charming Monogrammed Plaid Layering Tunic, paired with crimson Monogrammed Baby Booties that add a touch of festive flair. Mom, on the other hand, exudes holiday spirit in a cozy Christmas Sweatshirt embroidered with the whimsical phrase "Merry and Bright" around the collar, perfectly paired with Monogrammed Hiking Boots. This coordinated set not only captures the joy of the season but also showcases the sweet bond shared between a mom and her son.


    Be sure to check out Marleylilly.com for all of your holiday family photo needs! Let us know below what outfits you and your crew will be sporting on the Christmas card this year! 

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  1. holiday family photos, consider the following tips:Coordinate colors: Choose a color scheme that complements each other, avoiding matching outfits. Mix and match colors within the chosen palette to add visual interest. Consider the background: Consider the location where the photos will be taken and ensure clothing contrasts with the background. Choose fabrics and layers suitable for the season, such as warm, layered clothing for winter and lighter ones for warmer climates. Avoid busy patterns: Opt for solid colors or subtle patterns that won't distract from the focus on your family. Add accessories: Add personality with accessories like scarves, hats, or statement jewelry. Consider your home décor: Consider how the color scheme aligns with your home décor if displaying the photos in your home. Ensure everyone is comfortable in their outfits, especially children, as uncomfortable clothing can lead to unhappy expressions in photos. Avoid logos and branding: Opt for classic, timeless pieces that won't date the photos. Plan in advance: Coordinate outfits well in advance to allow time for necessary shopping or adjustments. Remember, the most important thing is for everyone to feel comfortable and happy in their chosen outfits.leyes de accidentes de motocicleta

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