Day in the Life as a Marleylilly Intern

by - Thursday, May 02, 2024

Day in the life

Hi everyone! My name is Lucy and for the past 15 weeks, I have been Marleylilly's Creative & Marketing Intern! I am currently finishing up my junior year at Clemson University as a Graphic Communications Student. I have always loved being creative, so when the opportunity for this internship arose, I jumped at it. With the ever-growing size of Marleylilly, it is definitely a fast paced environment, so my day-to-day looks a little different every day, but I'm excited to walk you through some of the fun projects I'm usually tasked with!

In the mornings, I spend my time with the Creative Team. Typically, I start my day off in the studio with our awesome in-house photographer, Clifford. Here, we complete a variety of photo requests from the Marketing team. These usually include flat-lays and lifestyles. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I even get to model in some of the images! 

Here are some of my favorite photos from this semester:
Favorite Photos

Once a week, we usually batch film our reels and Tiktok's so that we have content to post throughout the week. Gathering and coming up with ideas for these is super fun and definitely leads to some laughs during our Monday morning meetings.

In the afternoon, I shift upstairs and assist the Marketing Team with an assortment of tasks.

Scheduling posts for Pinterest is one of these tasks. I love being able to select products and maintain a cohesive look on our feed!
Pinterest Feed

I also schedule all posts for Marleylilly's Facebook and Instagram, which is a large task, especially with how many followers Marleylilly has! This task is much more tedious than it may appear to an outside eye, so it has definitely increased my appreciation for brands who consistently post on social media.  

A few times a week, I'm in charge of creating a variety of Instagram story posts to share with our followers. This task is super fun and allows me to be really creative. Here are a few of my favorites from my time here: 
Instagram Story

I also do some behind-the-scenes tasks for the Marketing Team to ensure that all of the variants on the site appear to be in stock. Being able to see the back end of Marleylilly's website has been incredibly eye-opening, especially after seeing the volume at which Marleylilly produces.

Overall, my time here at Marleylilly has been an incredible learning experience, and I am confident that the knowledge I have gained will serve me for years to come. The people really do make the place and I am so grateful to have had such a positive experience with such an awesome team! 

Marketing Team

Signing off <3
Lucy Corder

Creative & Marketing Intern
Spring 2024

Let us know in the comments below what you think the coolest part of my day is! 

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