Pack the Perfect Carry On Bag

by - Monday, August 03, 2015

If you've ever been on a trip, you know the stress of not knowing what to pack as a carry-on verse what to check for a flight? You know that you don’t want your carry on bag to be too full or too heavy, but you also don’t want to forget anything you might need on that long flight. These are the couple of things that you should have to have the perfect carry on bag.

Monogrammed Travel Bag

To start out, you need a bag that fits within the specified carry on bag size. It can be somewhat of a challenge to find the right sized bag, and even more so to find one that looks good. Travel fashionably with this Travel Bag from Marleylilly! It is the perfect size to sail through security and hold all your carry on essentials. Rock this bag throughout the airport in either navy or pink and your choice of monogrammed thread color. 

Your passport should be just as fashionable as you! Don't be caught carrying your passport without an adorable cover on it. With this Cedar Street Passport Holder by Kate Spade, your passport will stand out from all the other passports. This passport holder has the inscription "ready for departure" in gold on the front to let people know that you are ready to go! 

Make Up Bag

Don’t make the mistake of checking ALL of your make up. Make sure you keep your must-have make up with you in this Monogrammed Canvas Make Up Bag from Marleylilly. Keeping some of it with you will allow you to be able to freshen up after your flight. It also pairs perfectly with the personalized travel bag.

This smaller and sleeker iPad mini by Apple is the perfect thing to keep you entertained throughout the flight. This iPad is ideal for travel; it takes up less space, but you compromise on none of its capabilities. Load it full of games, books, music, and movies to help the time fly by.  

Make sure that iPad is covered and protected in style with a Monogrammed iPad Case from Marleylilly!

A Change of Clothes

Always be prepared for the unthinkable to happen. Pack a change of clothes in your carry on incase something happens to your luggage. This will ensure that incase this tragedy strikes you will be able to survive another day in your own style. (And hopefully your luggage will be returned before you need another change of clothes)

Gum and Snacks

While seemingly small items, snacks and gum are very important. If you are anything like us, gum is a must when your about to take off, and snacks are important to have no matter what. Skip the high airport prices and lines and pack them in your carry on bag ahead of time. 

If you are traveling with any of your favorite jewelry, carry it on with you and don't risk checking it. Travel with your jewelry in this Leather Jewelry Portfolio from Pottery Barn. This portfolio comes in navy or coral with the option to personalize it with your monogram. It is absolutely perfect for storing and protecting your jewelry. 

What's in your perfect carry on bag? 

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