Get Cozy!

by - Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Get Cozy
Look Comfy & Cute At the Same Time!

Winter is almost here. We've reached that part of Fall where the temperature drops below freezing, our cars are covered in ice, and we wonder how we're going to survive the week without a jacket that's heavy enough.

The main issue that a lot of people seem to have is a balance between comfortable in cute. When the temperature drops to the twenties, it's hard to want to look like you've got your life together. However, style is important. If it wasn't then we wouldn't go out of our way to buy unique clothes that can define us. Style is a way to express ourselves and without that, then we might as well stay home and snuggle up.

As fun as that sounds, we have to be productive!

Let's try to find a way to make you comfortable and warm as you brave the cold, without making you look bundled up like the poor kid from A Christmas Story...

Yeah. No arms down fashion isn't a thing. At least I hope not.

So the following post is going to focus on five different pieces of outerwear that will hopefully make finding a stylish piece this wintertime a bit easier. If you like what you see, click the titles to go to the item's page! Let's go!

1. Sweet Disposition Jacket

Your typical olive-colored jacket that everyone is OBSESSED WITH. However, this one has a bit of flair. It extends down to the mid-section of the thigh for extra body warmth. It features multiple front and side pockets for some extra functionality. It zippers up the front and is secured by button snaps at the top. It also features an adjustable hood to protect you from multiple weather conditions. 

1. Something I Need Jacket

For a jacket that brings out a fantastic plaid pattern as well as insane comfort, this one has keeps on giving. The Something I Need Plaid Jacket is a statement piece and the majority of it is made from cotton, ensuring your warmth wherever you go. Like the previous jacket, this one also comes with a hood, as seen in the cover picture above. The unique buttoning system in the front allows for added functionality to keep you warm inside your jacket, while adding a little extra flair and excitement.

For another similar piece, check out a red Peacoat Jacket. With a broader black and red plaid pattern, this peacoat jacket extends lower than the Something I Need Jacket and features six front buttons and a tie waist like a typical peacoat. However, this jacket does not have a hood. 

3. From Eden Jacket

With an appropriate name, this deep green tie waist jacket brings warmth while adding a heavier layer to your outfit. Unlike the first two jackets which are not as all encompassing, the From Eden Jacket adds a much heavier option, without bringing it to "I Can't Put My Arms Down!" levels of heavy. This jacket features a collar as well as loops for the tie waist strap to be contained in. There's nothing worse than having your tie fall all over the place or get lost!

For a different option, try a long jacket. This jacket is thick, but not heavy and is made of mostly cotton, effectively keeping in any warmth that might escape from other jackets. This jacket has a hood, which is useful for keeping out of undesired conditions like rain or snow, as well as loops for the tie waist, similar to the From Eden Jacket.

1. Snowed In Jacket

Stepping away from heavier jackets, here's a lighter sweater for the days that aren't so cold. While this can be paired with a jacket, when you finally get inside you're going to need to stay cute! The Snowed In Sweater is a simple, thin sweater in a bright cream color with a cowl button neck. Not only will it keep your neck warm, but the long sleeves and long length should keep you warm when your boss decides to turn the air conditioning to "Cool." 

1. Promise This Gray Sweatshirt Tunic

When all you want is a sweatshirt but you have to dress up a big more, here comes the Sweatshirt Tunic. Made like a sweatshirt with all of the high designer fashion you strive to wear! The neck is able to zip and unzip depending on how much neck warmth you need and the length makes it perfect to wear with leggings and boots! Dress it up or dress it down. Either way, the lighter gray accents make it work in your favor!

So there you go! With all of these options, you should be good to go for winter time!

Tell us which one is your favorite!

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