Take Your Wardrobe From Day to Night

by - Thursday, December 03, 2015

Day -> Night Style Guide

Transform Your Look With Ease, Without Breaking the Bank

Love that top you always wear out to lunch? Learn how to dress it up and take it out at night! When you're able to transition your wardrobe it's almost like having double the clothes, without having to buy a thing. By switching up shoes, accessories, or bags, you can keep your main pieces the same and have an entirely different look!

The first step is to figure out what pieces you can pair together that help transition the item from one setting to another. Once you get that down, the rest is easy!

The "Han Solo" vs. The Classy Lady

Every outfit transition from Day to Night will use one or two main pieces and then replace the rest in order to transition without having to spend too much money or time. The two staple items that don't change in this outfit are the Little Bit of Red Striped Sweater and the Sisley Red Slim Fit Jeans. Jeans go with almost everything and will keep you warmer for the Fall weather! Finally, matching your phone case to what you're wearing is a MUST if you're the type of person that stays plugged in. Go for EDGY or STRIPED based on personal preference. The Kate Spade case comes with a built in battery back to keep your phone on for longer! Also, if you're into monograms, which we hope you are, Marleylilly.com has a great collection of monogrammed phone cases. Now, onto the accessories...


Every year around fall season, women get a lot of flack for wearing the outfit dubbed the "Han Solo." Like the character made famous from Star Wars, the outfit consists of a Vest, Boots, and Jeans, paired together to look something like this:

You can see the similarity. Despite what it's nicknamed, the whole thing together looks great, thus why girls everywhere love the idea. So, in the spirit of Fall and because the new Star Wars is coming out in December, we've decided to amp up the "Han Solo" and make it hip and trendy for a great daytime look.

First off, the daytime look is accented with a J. Crew Excursion Quilted Vest for when the weather gets extra chilly. If you want something way cheaper and more personalized, go with the Monogrammed Woven Herringbone Vest from Marleylilly.com. Nothing ever beats a monogram. Not only these vests look great, but the grey accents the other pieces very well. Too much Red makes it flashy and too much Black makes it look dreary. Grey gives it a nice muted color that's perfect for the season. We've also added a Red Maroon Metallic Infinity Scarf that matches the jeans for some extra comfort!

The next step is the hat. There are three choices we've given for a nice black hat, but the rule is: The longer the hair, the bigger the hat. For girls with shorter hair, we'd suggest going with a Merino Wool Beanie that'll compliment your hairstyle. For girls with medium length, we suggest a Felt Short Brim Hat. That specific option is a bit expensive, but there are other hats similar to that (and way cheaper) across the web. Marleylilly.com has hats similar that can even be monogrammed for extra personalization! For super long hair, go with a Floppy Suede Hat.

As far as riding boots go, we'd suggest a Black pair like THESE. However, if you're feeling Brown for a little bit less of a statement, we'd go with THESE. Riding boots can also be very expensive, but investing in a good pair can make them last longer and look better. As far as bags go, pick a bigger bag for daytime and a smaller clutch for the night. We'd go with this Red A La Cart Tote if you're feeling brave or this Black Henne Suede Hobo Bag if you want a more toned down look.

As far as daytime accessories go, you don't want anything too flashy. The clothes do enough. Go with simple jewelry like this Sideways Arrow Necklace and these cute Yin Yang Earrings to add a little flair, but not too much. Daytime is for studs. Nighttime is for hoops and statement pieces. Add a Paige Feather Bracelet and then wear these Miu Miu Sunglasses for a hip and trendy look that keeps the sun out. Feel free to pick and choose but the jewelry provided is both cheap and effective! As for sunglasses, Miu Miu is a bit steep but they look great and are totally worth the buy! Marleylilly.com also offers some great monogrammed sunglasses if you really love monograms.

Now, onto nighttime...


To transition to the "Classy Lady" look we trade out the vest, floppy hats, and riding boots for some more accessories and an amped up shoe closet.

First off, boots are to keep you warm. Go for some Black Mozza Lace-Up Booties or some High Heel Court Shoes depending on what look you want to get. If heels aren't your thing and you want to be a little more comfortable, go with some Pointy Toe Ballerina Shoes that'll keep the appearance but amp up the comfort level. If Black isn't your color, go with these Brown Booties, however, we definitely think Black is the better option for a night out.

As far as makeup and hair go, you'll want to keep it casual and muted during the day. The hat takes over any need to go crazy with the hair. But at night, you're definitely going to curl it up and add some nice red lips that match your jeans.

As we said earlier, a night out replaces extra layers for accessories, namely some more flashy jewelry pieces like this Moon Necklace from overstock.com that fits into the nighttime theme very perfectly! Overstock.com has a lot of great options on everything for super cheap, so make sure you check them out if your budget is stretched thin. For other jewelry, these Red Stone Chandelier Earrings work great with the color scheme and these Stacking Bangles are sleek and just enough to compliment the other jewelry.

Finally, we get to the bag. Earlier we mentioned how you should go for a bigger back during the day (to keep makeup, jewelry, phone charger, snacks, etc.) and at night you should go for a smaller clutch to keep only the most important items (credit card, phone, lipstick, ID). Envelope clutches are where it's at right now, so go for this Black Ball Mesh one or this Maroon Leo Clutch depending on what mood you're in. As always, Marleylilly.com offers monogrammed clutches that are perfect for a night outfit like this one.Top off your outfit with a classy watch and you're ready for a night on the town!


As you can see, there are endless ways to utilize your wardrobe and live it up without breaking the bank! Transitioning items between day and night is a great way to expand your wardrobe without spending too much! Be it shorts, shoes, dresses, even blazers, the possibilities are endless! So go and dig deep in your closet, it's surprisingly fun and it will blow your mind all the new outfits you will create!

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