10 Quotes to Keep You Motivated

by - Thursday, March 31, 2016

10 quotes to keep you motivated

Need that extra boost of confidence? Check out these ten inspirational quotes that are sure to get your head up and moving towards your goals!

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Quote By: Jon Acuff

I find this quote to be very inspiring, especially if you are like me and you feel terribly uncomfortable as you try new things and get out of your comfort zone. There is something to be said for being willing to let your guard down and put yourself out there, whether it is starting at a new job, going to a new workout class, joining a recreation team for a sport you've never played before, or even going on a date! Give yourself a pat on the back for being willing to try, and note that it is likely you will struggle or be uncomfortable at first. Be sure to remember that with time, you will feel more comfortable and get better!

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I am a huge Morgan Harper Nichols fan, and this is why. Her words are so meaningful! This quote speaks to me because it is so fitting for our world in it's current state and it always will be. I get anxious about unknowns in the future, but here's the thing: you will always be facing difficult situations, but you should trust yourself and your ability to withstand the storm and get through it, and be even stronger! Be sure to check out more of Morgan Harper Nichols' work for more inspiration!

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We can all get caught up in the dangerous cycle of comparison and envy that social media can bring about. It happens to most people that are on social media. This quote is to remind you that you need to be realistic about what you see. You might be feeling low and lonely, and feeling like everyone else is having a good time, and that their lives are amazing. Remind yourself, everyone has struggles, and social media was created to be a place for people to document their lives and their memories, so why would anyone post about their failures and low points? Use this reminder as a guiding hand next time you feel anxious and get caught up in that negative cycle. 

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Quote By: Sonya Teclai

I am all about practicing gratitude to make yourself feel better, and this is why I chose to include this quote. Had a bad day at the office? Feeling like you're not good enough? Feeling anxious about schoolwork? Or sad about your grades? Try listing five things that you are grateful for you. I can't assure you that this will take away your worries, stress, and sadness, but it can certainly redirect you to think of the good things in your life. 

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This quote is so brief, yet so meaningful. Try to use this as your guiding light. It can be hard, especially because we have obligations and we want to please and take of others, but to simplify things, you should always prioritize your happiness. It is hard to do this all time, but consider asking yourself: "what would make me happy right now?" when given the chance. 

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 If you're feeling overwhelmed today by all of your things to do, this quote is for you. This is your reminder that all you need to do is take the first step to get things completed, or to be closer to your dreams. For me, this makes me think of working out. When I get home, the thought of completing twenty push ups or an hour long workout sounds quite unpleasant. However, if you tell yourself that all you need to start with is five push-ups, or three, that it can seem more tolerable. If you finish those, take a second and regroup, and try it again!

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Quote By: Frida Kahlo

I really like this quote about human strength. It serves as the perfect reminder that you can endure anything that comes your way, regardless of what you might be thinking and what others might tell you.

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This is a great reminder to many of us that are anxious and worried about completing our dreams, especially if we have tried to reach them and we faced setbacks. There is always time to try again!

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Quote By: Oprah Winfrey

Here is another great quote that references practicing gratitude to feel more fulfilled. Whenever you are feeling down, it is such a great idea to remind yourself of what you have.

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If you're anything like me, you are often being harder on yourself than you would be on others. You deserve the love that you give others! This quote is such a lovely reminder of that. Why would you beat yourself up for a bad grade, a performance that is less than your best, or any mistake, when you would tell a friend that it is okay and that they shouldn't worry about it? I struggle with this, but it is always great to ask yourself, "what would I say to a friend if they were going through this?" Remember that!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post. I truly hope you are feeling more inspired in whatever you are going through! Whether you came here solely for entertainment, or if you came here because you are struggling, I hope that this has uplifted your spirits and makes you more motivated to be your best, and be happy! 

Peace, Love, and Monograms!

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