How to Plan the PERFECT Bachelorette Beach Weekend!

by - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wedding season is among us! A time of joy, celebration, and helping the bride-to-be perfect her big day. Being chosen as the MOH or to be a part of planning these celebrations is an honor in itself- how special that the bride knows you have what it takes to help her tie the knot?! However, through all of the planning, scheduling, and purchasing, being a MOH can be flat out stressful. To make things a little easier for you (because we think you should be able to enjoy this time, too), we've put together a list of our absolute favorite goodies for your bachelorette beach weekend, or any summertime bachelorette party, that we know all bridesmaids will love!

Sweetly Southern Tank • Good Vibes Tank • Pool Float Tank

These tanks by Geneologie are the cutest. Bright, colorful, and each unique (just like bridesmaids), they would look perfect for casual group pictures on the beach or by the pool. Wear them like a regular tank, order a size larger to wear as a pool cover up, or tie them up and pair with high waisted shorts! The girls will love having the options. 

Monogrammed Enamel Earrings • Monogrammed Enamel Tassel Keychain  • Monogrammed Sand Buddy

Giving personalized gifts to each bridesmaid will make her feel super special. These precious preppy enamel earrings and this trending tassel matching keychain (pictured left) come in so many colors, and are gifts that the bridesmaid can use well after the bachelorette weekend has passed! Check out for other enamel jewelry that you can mix and match! Pictured on the right is the most functional gift EVER that every bridesmaid would love to see in her goody bag- a Monogrammed Sand Buddy! Stick these guys in the sand and put your can, bottle, or tumbler in it to keep your drink sand free! Awesome, right?! And since they are personalized, you won't have to worry about drink mix ups!

Monogrammed Wide Natural Outline Hat • Monogrammed Beach Towel • Monogrammed Shimmer Juco Tote 

Hats are gifts that truly never go out of style, especially when they're wide brimmed and monogrammed! These elegant Monogrammed Wide Natural Outline Hats will look super classy on the beach, by the pool, or shopping! Get a different color for each bridesmaid and take fun group pictures! To the right of the hats is our Monogrammed Beach Towel, another gift that bridesmaids can use all summer long! Both the towel and threading come in multiple colors, so the towel can be made unique for each girl. Match each bridesmaids towel with their hat or sand buddy and add it to their goody bag! If you're looking for a beach bag to carry all of this fun stuff in, the Monogrammed Shimmer Juco Tote, makes the perfect heavy duty tote. With the laminated lining inside and a removable hard bottom, this tote can be wiped clean and will hold just about everything! It comes in gorgeous gold shimmery patterns and also makes a great gift for just the bride. 

Shell Bottle Koolie • Monogrammed Teardrop Stone Bracelet

When your drink isn't in your sand buddy, put it in this Shell Bottle Koolie (pictured left)! This unique bottle koolie is another functional gift that is simple, but one that bridesmaids will definitely appreciate. Pictured to the right is the delicate Monogrammed Teardrop Stone Bracelet- a bracelet so gorgeous that can it be worn throughout the weekend celebrations, to the rehearsal dinner, and even to the ceremony. 

Monogrammed Wine Tumbler

Next on our list of favorite bridesmaid goodies are these Monogrammed Wine Tumblers! Talk about the perfect cup, this is both a wine glass AND a tumbler. It was pretty much made with wine loving bridesmaids in mind! It's perfect to take on the beach or to use on girl's night in! 

Monogrammed Engraved Silver Drink Flask • Monogrammed Shimmer Juco Carry All Case

Okay, yes, we know that this Monogrammed Engraved Silver Drink Flask is the cutest thing you've ever seen. The girls are guaranteed to love it, too! Since it can be personalized to fit a man's tastes, it also makes great gift for the groom on his big day. You really can't go wrong, here! Pictured below the flask is the Monogrammed Shimmer Juco Carry All Case, the little sister to our Monogrammed Juco Tote! Like the tote, it's interior is laminated, making it another great waterproof beach bag. It also makes the perfect vanity/makeup bag for your bridesmaids. Who doesn't love a makeup bag?!

Monogrammed Racerback Tank

Last, but certainly not least because it is one of our favorites, is the Monogrammed Racerback Tank. This classic tank comes in the brightest colors that will pop on any skin tone, especially after a day in the sun! This is the most comfortable tank ever, so have the bridesmaids pair it with pajama bottoms for girls night in and the cutest photo op! 

Have you been on a bachelorette party? What was your favorite part of the trip?

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