8 Back-to-School Gift Ideas Teachers Will Love

by - Friday, August 17, 2018

monograms teachers will love

Start off the school year right with some spectacular monogrammed teacher gifts from Marleylilly. These thoughtful, personalized presents are designed specifically with the educator in mind, so you know you’ll get an A-plus on day one! The days of showing up with just an apple are long gone, and we’re glad, because teachers deserve all the snaps (and all the personalized goodies)! Here are a few awesome back-to-school teacher gifts that any instructor will love.

  1. Monogrammed Backpack—Your fave teach will adore this trendy, personalized backpack. Perfect for all her everyday staples, from her planner to her lunch bag, this carry-all has ample pockets for whatever she needs. Plus, you can personalize it to any teacher’s personal preferences, with a wide variety of cute patterns, monogram styles and colors. She’ll definitely use it every day in and out of class!
A Monogrammed Backpack

  1. Monogrammed Lunch Bag—For teachers who love to pack their lunch, you can’t go wrong when you give the gift of a custom lunch bag. These high-quality, personalized sacks are a modern take on the old-school lunchbox, featuring super-cute patterns— elephants! pineapples! Greek keys!—that bring a bit of fun to her lunch period. They’re made of easy-care neoprene that can be easily wiped clean after school.
A Monogrammed Lunch Bag

  1. A Monogrammed Tote Bag—If you’re looking for an even more versatile carry-all, consider the personalized tote. Like a backpack, the tote bag does all the heavy lifting for you, with ample room for carrying books, planners, lunch and more. Pick a style that she’ll want to take to school and beyond, like a Monogrammed Reversible Tote Bag offering a two-in-one appeal!
monogrammed tote bag

  1. Monogrammed Clipboard—There are few things teachers love more than cute school supplies. She’ll absolutely adore a personalized clipboard featuring her monogram and a pretty striped or marbled design. These cute clipboards help teachers stay organized when taking attendance, doing lesson plans and keeping track of the class.
A Monogrammed Clipboard

  1. Monogrammed Bracelet—Teachers inspire us every day, so why not thank them with an inspirational gift? Our inspirational bracelets feature uplifting messages around the band portion, plus a monogrammed charm that dangles. We have etched this bracelet with the famous quote “She Believed She Could, So She Did” from one of R.S. Grey’s popular novels, so it’s perfect for the bookish teacher who loves to read. Any piece of personalized jewelry would make a truly sweet and thoughtful gift for the educator who gives all she has.
A Monogrammed Bracelet

  1. Monogrammed Agenda Cover—Teachers live and die by their planners. It’s what helps them remember assignments, parent-teacher conferences and other important facets of the job. Thus, our monogrammed agenda cover is one of the most practical customized teacher gifts out there. It’s made of soft microleather and can be ordered with her monogram so that everyone knows to whom it belongs. Choose from either soft pink or rich brown to tailor it to her personality.
A Monogrammed Agenda Cover

  1. Monogrammed Travel Mug—Teachers love coffee. How do you think they get it all done? To ensure that she enjoys her a.m. cup of java in style, give her a personalized travel mug in a pattern that showcases her personality. These mugs come in three trendy prints—striped, marbled and floral—so you’ll definitely find a style that makes her the envy of the teacher’s lounge.
A Monogrammed Travel Mug

  1. Monogrammed Notebook—Bye-bye boring spiral notebooks! If you really want to surprise her with a gift that’s unique, practical and right up her alley, then go for the personalized notebook. These sweet accessories come in six stylish options, all of which can be monogrammed with her initials, and feature an elastic securing band to keep everything nice and tidy.
A Monogrammed Notebook

More Ideas for A-Plus Teachers

If you need more great ideas to thank your favorite teacher, be sure to explore our complete collection of customized teacher gifts. Whether she’s a diehard historian, an eclectic art teacher or the queen of the physical education department, she’ll surely adore any one of these sweet first-day-of-school presents!

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