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by - Monday, August 13, 2018

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Want to maximize the impact of your photos on social media? Do you want to add special effects like filters and patterns borders to your photos?  Here are six apps that are sure to help. Some apps are free and some require in-app purchases, but all will help bring the vibe and style your looking for into your photos.

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The first app to help to take your mobile photography to the next level is Google’s Snapseed.  Snapseed is an easy to use photo editor that packed with tools. Add details, tune any image and add lens blur with ease.  Use one of the custom filters to instantly add tone and color to make your photos pop. Snapseed allows you to export full-size files to any social media platform.

Square fit is a great way to post full-size photos and videos to Instagram without cropping.  It’s an easy to use app that allows you to add filters, pattern borders, frames, and stickers to any files on your smartphone.  This app also allows for high-quality output.

Hipstamatic allows you to shoot authentic photography using analog styles with different cameras, film types, and lens all with your smartphone.  I love to experiment with different cameras and films to get really unique looks. It’s possible to pay for extras in-app to upgrade your collection of lenses, films, and camera bodies. Hipstamatic is always creating new products with feature photographers and artists.  This app also has pro features like manual exposure and metering modes. Hipstamatic also allows for custom presets so once you find a magic formula you can save it for later.

Mextures is a photo editor which allows you to add film grains, textures, light leaks and gradients to your images.  This app is great because you can make edits but not damage the original files. Mextures also allows for high-quality file output.

This app is great for outdoor photography.  I use this a lot in my planning process. Before checking the weather this is a great resource for finding the best time for lighting in your area.  Find the elevation and angle of the Sun depending on your location, date, and time. Super easy to use I can plan photoshoots up to months in advance or on the fly to make sure I get to the perfect light.

So this app does not edit photos or apply filters, but it is helpful for adding mood and a comfortable vibe to your shoot.  I always have a little music in the background when I shoot playing through a Bluetooth speaker. When I'm shooting by myself I love to zone into a good tune to help elevate my mood.  It’s also helpful when working with a new model to help them get relaxed and comfortable. Spotify is a subscription service but I believe it’s well worth it to keep the shoot fun and lively.

Okay, so now that you're armed with state of the art photo editing software and an entire lifetime of music, its time to shoot some amazing photos.  Please share some tips in the comments section and let us know if you've used any of these apps! Cheers!

- Clifford
Marleylilly's Photographer

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