Trending Alert: 'Girl Dinner' Essentials

by - Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Girl Dinner Essentials

    Not that we ever needed TikTok to approve wine and cheese for dinner, but with over 960 million views on TikTok, this 'girl dinner' trend is causing major chatter. So what exactly is a 'girl dinner'? I'd say it's a touch of serious and satire... A Coke for dinner, maybe a bowl of noodles paired with a fine glass of wine, a charcuterie board of packaged salami, deli cheese, and a can of olives. I won't lie, this all sounds delicious right now. 

'Girl Dinner' takes what most people would consider a snack and call it dinner. 
So, in honor of your future 'girl dinner' we've put together some essentials that will elevate your meal...even if it is a smorgasbord of what you have in your fridge.

The Essentials for Girl Dinner

Let our Personalized Charcuterie Board be your next 'girl dinner' plate filled with every delicious cheese, cracker, olive, and salami your fridge contains. 

2. Your Favorite Wine
'Girl dinner' + charcuterie board = wine. Pairing your 'girl dinner' with fine wine (you define fine 😉) is a must. Whether you are a red blend kind of gal or prefer a sparkling rose.

If ever I lived out my 'girl dinner' dreams it would be on my sofa wrapped in a soft blanket, within arms reach of wine, a charcuterie board, and a good movie.

4. BoomChickaPop....A.K.A Desert
Does anyone else love a dessert that checks both boxes... sweet & salty? Nothing better than a bowl of popcorn to wrap up your 'girl dinner'.

Even if your 'girl dinner' doesn't have all the mess of a 5-course meal, you still need to look the part. Pick from our collection of aprons for a stylish touch to your 'girl dinner'.

What 'girl dinner' essentials are you bringing to the table? Share in the comments below!

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