Kids Back to School Essentials 2023

by - Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Elementary Age Girl Holding Backpack and Binder

   Get ready for your little one's most cherished time of the year - the Back to School shopping season! At Marleylilly Kids, we offer a wide selection of monogrammed goodies that will captivate your mini this school year. Explore our handpicked selection of back-to-school essentials below and watch your child fall in love with their personalized favorites!

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Toddler wearing Coral Floral Basic Backpack

Every school-aged child needs a backpack, and ours is a standout choice! Make it truly unique with personalized monograms and choose from a wide range of colors. Designed for children 5 and over, this backpack comes with multiple interior and exterior pockets, providing ample space to carry all their essentials, from notebooks to laptops and books.

Photos of a packed lunch box

Compliment your child's new backpack with a Personalized Lunch Box featuring their initials or name on the front. With an exterior pocket, a spacious interior compartment, and a mesh pocket inside, there's plenty of room to pack all their favorite snacks and meals for school.

Model wearing a pullover and sneakers

Leopard, pink, confetti, oh my! Marleylilly Kids has so many sneaker options for your little girl to choose from for her back-to-school style! Our favorites are the Monogrammed Youth Sneakers, Monogrammed Leopard Bottom Sneakers, and Monogrammed Confetti Sneakers!

Model Wearing Monogrammed Rain Jacket

Make rainy days cuter with a Monogrammed Lightweight Rain Jacket, available in mint and black. Perfectly complimenting their outfit, this jacket is a must-have for added protection. And guess what? We have adult sizes too, so you can twin with your mini!

Youth Models Wearing Grey and Pink Pullover Sweatshirts

5. Monogrammed Pullover Sweatshirt

For those quick and adorable outfit needs, our Monogrammed Pullover Sweatshirt is the go-to choice for your mini-me. Made with super-soft materials, a 1/4 zip neckline, and stretchy fabric, it's sure to become their favorite sweatshirt. Designed for both boys and girls to adore!

Different Lifestyles of Models Wearing Hair Bows

Elevate her style with a cute, personalized hair bow, available in black, pink, white, or navy. This versatile accessory goes perfectly with school attire, cheer practice outfits, and more. Its alligator clip makes it easy to style with any hairstyle, keeping her looking adorable throughout the school year!

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Get ready for the new school year with these fabulous personalized items from Marleylilly Kids. Your child will be the envy of their classmates with these unique and stylish essentials. Shop now and make this Back-to-School season extra special for your little one!

What are you buying your mini for the school year? Let us know in the comments! 

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