Marleylilly Q+A Social Recap

by - Monday, March 04, 2019

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Oh hey, Monogrammers! Last week, we posted a Q&A on Instagram, and today we're answering your questions in this blog post! You asked about our company, our favorite products, our history, and the list goes on! So whether you're a long-time Marleylilly customer, or this is your first time, welcome - sit back, relax, and read along as we take you through our top questions! 

How do giveaways work?

We do giveaways in all sorts of ways! If you see a giveaway posted, be sure to closely follow the entry requirements, but most of the time it's simple - like the pic, tag some friends, or share the post - easy as that! We do post giveaways frequently, so if you're feeling lucky, be sure to enter!

Do we work with influencers?

We do! If you are an influencer and are interested in collaborating, you can fill out our form here and our public relations department will be in touch with all qualified applicants!

What is your favorite clothing item?

OMG! It's impossible to pick a supreme favorite, so instead, we'll pick one of our favorites... the Monogrammed Preppy Patch Tunic! This is the perfect sweatshirt for everyday wear. It's cute, comfy, and fashionable - what's not to love?! For the moms out there, these are also available in kids' sizes at Marleylilly Kids!

Have you considered selling XS clothes?

Yes! As of Fall 2018, we now sell XS clothes in individual and bridge sizes as XXS/XS. This was a huge request from customers, and like always, we try our best to weave customer feedback into our products and daily workflow!

Will you bring back old Marleylilly faves?

Of course! If you started shopping back with us in 2010, you will still recognize what we call "oldies but goodies" that are still on our site today! Over the years, we've made a few tweaks to these items, but you'll definitely still recognize the same style from over the years - our Duck BootsPreppy Patch Tunic, Quilted Pullover Tunic, Fishing Shirt, and Crewneck Sweatshirt, to name a few!

Where did you get your name?

We get this question a lot! Marleylilly was named after our owners' dogs, Marley and Lilly! They were the original pup faces of our company, and though you might see many furry faces around here, Marley and Lilly are *furever* our faves!

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Where are we located?

Our headquarters is based in Greer, South Carolina! We are exclusively an online store and do not have a physical retail location. We are not open to the public, but if you are local, be sure to check our social sites for local Blooper Yard Sales we host seasonally!

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Can I purchase something without a monogram? 

Absolutely! A checkbox is available on the personalized step to purchase without personalization! While we LOVE a monogram, we recognize some of our shoppers would best enjoy the product without personalization, so we wanted to create that option so there's something for everyone!

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What happened to Monday Dress? 

In October 2018, we made a business decision to close Monday Dress. Our core business, Marleylilly, has started offering custom-designed non-monogrammed apparel, and we have decided to focus our internal resources on growing that portion of our business. Monday Dress was SUCH a fun adventure for us, and we are so glad we were able to provide you with amazing clothes over the last few years!

We hope this helped you get to know us a little bit better! For more FAQs, you can visit our site or give us a shoutout on any of our social platforms! Until the next Q+A...

Peace, love, and monograms! 

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