6 Outfits That Are Perfect for Summer Nights

by - Sunday, June 30, 2019

monograms for summer

A summer night isn’t just a time and weather condition. It's a mood. You don’t just need clothes. You need an outfit that fits the vibe. Summer is a fast-paced season of quick turnarounds, jumping from one event to the next at speeds matching the season’s pop hits. When you’re building your summer outfit game for those fun nights, plan around staple, statement piece looks that can be customized with basics. Here are a few monogrammed clothing essentials that will help you look and feel fabulous on cool summer nights. 

monogram summer dress

Denim Shorts and Bomber

Denim shorts are a summer nights staple. They should already be in your wardrobe in three colors: classic wash, whitewash, and black. Combine with a white top, like a t-shirt or tank, and pop a bomber on for a splash of color without overheating. If you’re kicking back in a truck bed or cruising the downtown scene, the bomber gives you flash and comfort. Add some bulky block sandals and drop your hair and you’re good to go.

The Midi Dress

At the perfect intersection of casual and classy, the midi dress is perfect for a casual outing with friends or a backyard party. Make sure to pair it with some funky sandals or open-toed footwear to keep it casual. The midi dress plays well with floppy hats and night-time shades for keeping the streetlights and stars out of your eyes.

monogrammed tank top


No, the trend is not over. No, it isn’t too late to step up the athleisure game. Fresh yoga pants and a tank top (try one of our monogrammed tanks for an extra personal kick) are great for that night hike or campfire setting. It’s not about what you wear. It’s when you wear it. Athleisure is the perfect summer night outfit for a drive-thru Taco Bell raid or smoothies on the tennis courts.

To put a fresher take on athleisure, swing for different combinations, like bike shorts and oversized sweatshirts. Athleisure also provides you a lot of room to play with hairstyles. Get creative with it!

Crop Top and Pants

Don’t overthink summer nights. A pair of blue jeans and a basic, black or white crop top will keep you comfortable and stylish at the same time. Make sure the jeans fit right from every angle and jump on the mom jean or boyfriend jean bandwagons if necessary. Then, pair with a good crop. You can go for something loose and flowing or stick to a tighter cropped tank. Add a simple jacket if you need warmth and a ball cap if you need flair. Picking shoes for summer outfits is notoriously difficult, and you’ll undoubtedly wear out your open-toed shoes on your other outfits. Use the crop top and jeans look to dig back into heels, mules, blocky sneakers or a pair of monogrammed sandals. When you’re sporting jeans and a crop top, you can put almost anything on your feet. If jeans are too basic, cargo pants and flare pants are in style, too. Basically, pair any pants you love with a simple crop top and you’re ready for night drives with the windows down. 


Vintage Denim Overalls

If you don’t have a pair of basic blue wash denim overalls that look like they’ve jumped out of a Friends episode, invest in them now. Every single old top that you own will crush the summer air if you pop it under a pair of overalls! Dad hats will be back like it’s 2015 and flip flops will crawl out of the closet. The denim overalls are a great summer night outfit because they resurrect parts of your closet that you almost threw away. Set your rompers aside and get a pair of denim overalls for the perfect summer nights vibe. Just picture the glow of the denim, the flash of a white t-shirt underneath, and a pair of brightly colored earrings, all beaming under the moonlight!

There’s a lot of pressure to show creativity in your summer outfits, but the best way to do that is to have a few staple outfits and build out from there. Make your own personal rules of fashion before you break them! Remember: Great outfit essentials, quirky statement pieces, and good basics are the keys to fast summer nights outfits that won’t slow you down on your way from work to party. When picking a summer outfit, go for a monogrammed look and you can’t go wrong.

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