Our Favorite Mix & Match Looks for Summer

by - Friday, June 21, 2019

summer monograms style guide

It’s official: Summer is here! Before you rush out to restock your wardrobe, see if any of these hot trends are hanging out in your closet–and then mix them together for a totally new look! No matter your budget or style, mixing and matching is an attainable trend this season. Whether your style is boho meets Upper East Side or modern-chic with animal print, Marleylilly has a wide range of mix and match monogrammed style options that are perfect for you! 

monogrammed top

Prints On Prints!

We all know that summer is a great time to step outside of our comfort zones with adventurous and lively patterns. Take it a step further and mix those patterns up! Mixing for the first time? Try a polka dot monogrammed top with a thin-striped skirt or shorts. Or pairing a fun nautical print with gingham is always a fun look. The key to looking cohesive is paying attention to color and size. Focusing on a similar color family and having one dominant print is also helpful. 

Solid Colored Top + Midi Skirt 

A solid colored shirt might seem a little dull, but it’s the exact opposite! With solid colors, you’re able to mix and match almost any clothing item, opening up a world of outfit opportunities. Pair a solid monogrammed top with a printed midi skirt, or try a textured top with a neutral skirt. Fresh florals or lace take on a new look when matched with a sophisticated midi. The length of the skirt will lend a more conservative edge to your subtle tee shirt options. Add some heels, wedges or a pair of personalized sandals and you’re ready to get your brunch on. 

Printed Skirts/Dresses + Sneakers 

Have a day full of sightseeing ahead of you, but still want to look cute and comfy? You don’t need to sacrifice style in favor of sneakers! Try pairing animal print A-line skirts or cute dresses with a pair of chunky sneaks. No blisters in sight. For an extra mix, add a straw beach bag–big enough to hold all of your necessities, with the added benefit of enough room to store any impulse purchases. Functional and fabulous.

black monogrammed dress

Flirty Dress + Neon Accessories

Little white dresses are all the rage this season. Want to hit two trends with one go? Choose a fun maxi or a solid colored monogrammed boyfriend dress and mix it up with some bold neon accessories, like a vibrant orange purse or a pair of neon green sunglasses. A bright lip color will add a little extra without weighing you down, and the pop of color will bring life to an otherwise simple look. A little bit prairie, a little bit funky! 

Bike Shorts + Slip Dress 

It’s true. Cycling shorts are back in style–but you don’t have to stick with the workout clothes vibe. Go for a bright slip dress over your bike shorts. Knot the dress up, tie it with a belt or tuck the hem into your handy fanny pack to show off the shorts. If you want to be a bit bolder, a loose fitting tank top will also do the trick! Want some extra flair? Go for some patterned or metallic bike shorts. The ’90s called, and they’re loving it! 
Crochet + Sleek Modern 

Your grandma’s dreams have come true. Crochet is everywhere–even on the runways. There are so many options. Dresses, tops, cardigans. How can we choose? No matter your choice, a perfect partnership comes in the form of super-sleek modern accessories, like some stylish sandals or a leather clutch. Your grandma is right: You do look cool.

monogrammed sun hat

Hat + Maxi Dress 

Hats are the perfect accessory to spice up any outfit! Try out your pattern-mixing skills and pair one of our statement sun hats with a tank top and a flouncy skirt. Now is the perfect chance to mix some florals. Kitten heels or barely there sandals add some extra trendiness. Your alter blogger ego would definitely approve. 

So there you have it! You now have ideas for eight easy mix and match styles that are probably hiding in the depths of your closet, just waiting to make you IG ready without extra effort or breaking the bank. Summer’s here. Be bold, be fearless, be adventurous. It’s time to mix things up!

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