Ultimate Girls Night In Guide

by - Thursday, August 29, 2019

monogrammed pajamas

Your ultimate GNI from Marleylilly's Photographer

It's time to rally the girls and grab some comfy pj's for the grown-up version of the sleepover; Girls Night In!  Kind of like a girls night out but at your place. So grab a pen and paper, this your ultimate guide to the GNI!  In this blog post, you will learn how to plan, what to bring, what to wear and other helpful tips to make your GNI a night to remember.  

First, we have to start planning.  One of the best ways to do this is by sending all your friends a Doodle Poll to get ideas and vibes for the evening.   Once you get everybody's thoughts and ideas, use this Google doc to help organize and keep important info in one place so everyone can all be on the same page.  So when is the best day to have a GNI?  Most people think the weekends but its probably more convenient on a weekday like Tuesday.  Weekends tend to be tied up and spent on vacations or trips.  Plus it makes the work week fly by if it's on a Wednesday or Thursday.

Hopefully, in the doodle poll, you picked a theme for the night.  My favorite GNI theme is "Pajama Party".  Time to break out my favorite Monogrammed Shorties Sleep Set or Monogrammed Pajama Set!  We had even talked about getting matching Monogrammed Sweatshirt Robes or Monogrammed Bathrobes for a cute pic!  Complete the look with some comfy Monogrammed Slippers.  Bringing a polaroid camera is a great way to capture the fun and perfect for sharing on social media.  More on that later!  Remember its time to unwind so bring whatever comfy clothes you have or go ahead and splurge on some new sleepwear and get selfie-ready!

girls night in monogrammed items

Once we had the theme and date set it was time to start planning the decorations. There is this Scandinavian home design trend I'm obsessed with called Hygge. Hygge is described as “a quality of coziness and comfortable friendliness that displays a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Basically its all about throwing blankets and pillows everywhere, stringing up cute lights and setting the mood.  I already have a couple of Monogrammed Sherpa Blankets and woven throws but decided to get a couple of matching Monogrammed Throw Pillows.     

So what about food and drinks?  Since I was hosting, most of my friends divided out the food and drink duties.  One of my friend set up a cute "Candy Charcuterie Plate" on her Monogrammed Acrylic Cheese and CrackerTray.  Needless to say, it was a hit and there was nothing left after the party!  One of my friends doesn't drink so I made her some delicious hot chocolate served in a Coffee Mug.  Everybody else had wine and when we didn't finish I just used my Confetti Wine topper to save it for later.  If this happens to you play a fun game to see who takes home the leftover drinks like; who looked at there cell phone the least during the night or draw licorice sticks.

A couple more things to think about is what you're going to be doing.  We all decided on music for the beginning and classic movies for the rest of the night.  During this time we gossiped and gave each other manicures.  I love pampering myself so this was one of the best parts of the night!  I keep all of my cosmetics in Monogrammed Clear Cosmetic Bag.  It helps to have some elastic hair ties around if you're going to put on some facemasks. This is also a good time for a funny picture! 

Something to remember is that you don't have to share every moment of the night on social media.  It's important to relax and enjoy this time with your friends.  But, if you do decide to share some candid pics use some awesome hashtags!  Here are some you can use for your next GNI:

#girlpower #girlsnightin #party #ladiesnight #datenightin #music #friends #beautiful #love #beauty #drinks #fashion #happy #instagood #besties #like #cute #sisters #life #candy #classic #movienight #stayingin #bestnightever #bestfriends Last but not least hanging with your friend just went from #fun to #necessary!

Okay, so writing this blog has me so jazzed up for my next "Girls Night In" I think I'm going to start planning my next one RN!  I hope this blog post has helped you get excited too.  Let me know in the comments below your favorite Girls Night In ideas, how you celebrate with friends and ways to spice up the night.  Thanks for reading and please share to help spread the word!

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