Bridesmaid Gift Guide

by - Monday, September 30, 2019

the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids

Being a bride is such an exciting time! You're finally in the driver's seat and get to plan out your "big day". The planning process for every bride looks different. No matter if your planning is stressful or a breeze, I think we can all agree, planning a wedding is a lot of work finding a dress and a venue, picking your caterer, tasting cakes, picking out bridesmaids dresses and gifts. To take one big task off your plate, we're here to help! If you are trying to figure out what to give your bridesmaids, you’ve come to the right place! Check out the gift guide below to see some of our favorite gifts to give your girls for the big day! 

hanger cover for bridesmaid dress

This is such a fun bridesmaids gift. It's personalized, memorable and useful after the wedding. You can store shoes, makeup, accessories and hang your dress with this hanger cover. Plus, it’s monogrammed and looks great in "getting ready" photos!

monogrammed clutch ad bow earrings

Who doesn't love an extra zip pouch? This set comes with an adorable set of earrings. If you're still in the early stages of planning, this is also a great gift to ask your girls to be a bridesmaid. 
P.S. It matches perfectly with our bridesmaid hanger cover!

bath robes in white and mint

These soft, cozy, beautiful bath robes are perfect to wear when you're getting all glammed up with makeup and hair. To fit the wedding theme, brides can wear the white color while bridesmaids wear a pop of color. Be sure to check out all the color options to best fit your color scheme! 

monogrammed bag for cosmetics and toiletries

This train case is a wedding day must-have! It’s perfect to carry around your makeup, accessories, jewelry, and beauty tools for last-minute touch-ups!

simple dainty personalized bracelet

This bracelet is so simple and classic, it could even be worn during the ceremony. Whether your preference is gold, rose gold or silver, this is such a thoughtful gift. Your bridesmaids will always remember receiving it on your wedding day. 

What is the best bridesmaid gift you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below!

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