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by - Saturday, September 28, 2019

car essentials

Organizing hacks from Marleylilly's intern

I'm always on the hunt for organization hacks - beauty, closet, kitchen - I can't get enough! One area I tend to neglect, though, is my car, especially when I travel! When I'm on the go, no matter how hard I try, my shoes, clothes, and accessories end up everywhere. Until now, that is! If you haven't checked out our monogrammed organizers, you're in for a treat...

Monogrammed Market Tote

black and white stripe reusable shopping bag

Confession time - I too often forget to bring a reusable grocery bag to Trader Joe'sAldi or Lidl. I totally support the #GoGreen movement, but how can I do my part when I always forget my grocery bag? Now I am out of excuses with this monogrammed tote bag. This is the perfect tote to leave in your trunk for your weekly errands, like a grocery run or a quick fitness class. It's super lightweight, spacious and is easily collapsible - perfect for car storage.

black and white stripe storage system for car

This monogrammed car organizer is a game changer! Goodbye to the alarming "thud" from the loose items in your trunk when taking a sharp turn. This car organizer is the perfect storage item. It's collapsible and has six outside pockets and four inside pockets, making it super compact. One of my favorite features is its liner, making for an easy cleanup. Spare your car mats the "ick" and throw in your sticky sunscreen and sandy flip-flops in your organizer, worry free!

large compartments for storage

This monogrammed trunk organizer is the perfect counterpart to the car organizer. It has three large compartments - perfect for storing all the items you need to touch-and-go!


Everyone loves an organization hack here and there. What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below! 

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