How To Make Whipped Coffee

by - Monday, May 04, 2020


Are You Ready To Learn The Internets Hottest Trend?  Whipped Coffee is super delicious and easy to make!  We are going to show you how in just a few simple steps so grab these ingredients and let's go!  Try whipping up this delight in a Monogrammed Travel Mug or Insulated Coffee Mug!

Ingredient List:

2 Tbsp Of Sugar
2 Tbsp of Instant Coffee (Folders)
2 Tbsp Of Hot Water
Wisk or Electric Mixer
Mixing Bowl
Your Favorite Monogrammed Mug

 << Step 1 >>

Start by adding 2 Tbsp of Sugar, 2 Tbsp of Instant Coffee, and 2 Tbsp of hot water to a medium to large-sized bowl.

 << Step 2 >> 

With a whisk or electric mixer, stir it up till a frothy, foamy mousse forms.  

 << Step 3 >>

Add ice to your Monogrammed Coffee Mug. Pour in milk almost to the top.  Leave enough room for some of that whipped coffee!

  << Step 4 >>

Add Whipped Coffee with a spoon!  It's amazing with a straw and stirred up.  I add sugar a little to the top for an extra treat!

 << Step 5 >>

Take a photo and share on your social media and tag your Monogrammed Marleylilly Mug!

If you're more of a video person, here's a quick video to follow for the perfect cup of whipped coffee: 


Thanks for reading along! Have a favorite twist or step to this whipped coffee trend? Share it in the comments below and remember to share and tag us on social media!

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