The 2022 Marleylilly Graduate Gift Guide

by - Friday, March 11, 2022


The 2022 Marleylilly Graduate Gift Guide

Graduation season is upon us and whether you’re looking for a gift for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, best friend, or sister we have the perfect gifts from Marleylilly. From gifts for high school graduates to college graduates, we have everything you're looking for! 

Gift Guide for High School Grads

Whether your high school senior is preparing for college or getting ready to take on a new job, these gifts will get them through their first year of independence! 

A Monogrammed Packing Bag Set is a great gift for high school grads headed off to college. Packing Bags can help them organize their stuff when they’re headed home for the weekend, break, or for spring break trips with their friends.

Who doesn’t love monogrammed jewelry?! This is the perfect gift for congratulating your graduate on all their accomplishments. We love this Ball Bracelet for its versatility as an accessory for every occasion!

A Monogrammed Towel Wrap is essential for surviving communal bathrooms and will serve as a great and useful gift for your graduate.  

Fighting off the rain when headed to class, work, or running errands can be a pain. Give the gift of a Monogrammed Umbrella to keep your grad dry and happy!

One of our favorite gifts is a weekender! These bags are perfect for short trips but still hold everything you need. We have so many styles to choose from, your graduate is sure to be pleased! 

The perfect bag for carrying just the essentials, give your graduate a Monogrammed Sling Pack for their newest adventure. With the available color choices and adorable, patterned shoulder strap they'll be thrilled to receive this bag as a gift!

A popular accessory for new college students is lanyards for keeping up with student IDs and dorm keys. This is a great personalized gift for the grad who always loses things. If lanyards aren't their style you can go for a key ring. 

Your graduate is going to love this super cozy gift! A set of personalized pajamas will keep them comfortable on home-sick days and during late-night study sessions. 

Gift Guide for College Grads
As your college students start putting on their cap and gown, get them gifts that will come in handy as they start their first big-time job! 

This gifted Personalized Cooler will be a hit with your grad! Gift them this cooler for beach or lake trips or for keeping groceries cold as they run errands. Check out our Small Personalized Cooler that's perfect for packed lunches! 

If there’s one thing your student is going to have after they walk across the stage is more free time with less homework! Gift them a Monogrammed Chair Cover for weekends by the pool relaxing. 

A Monogrammed Slim Can or Standard Can Koolie can accompany their relaxation time at the lake, pool, or just at home keeping their drink cold. 

A Charcuterie Board or Cutting Board will be perfect for their new apartment whether they use it for decoration, entertaining, or cooking! 

It’s time for your grad to turn in their lanyard for a more sophisticated key accessory. We have so many cute options to choose from, you can find what fits your grad best by browsing our keychain category.  

As your college graduate adjusts to a new schedule and lifestyle they may find themselves at the gym and in need of a new bag. Treat them to a personalized Gym Bag to keep up with everything they need for their best workout! 

Gift the young adult in your life a new purse or tote bag for her upgrade from a backpack for carrying everything she needs. We have so many options from totes to purses to browse from! 

This super cozy robe is perfect for relaxing on the weekends or winding down after work on weeknights. Your loved one is sure to love this and you'll be envious if you don't buy one for yourself as well! 

Explore our Gifts for Graduates page for even more personalized gifts! 

We hope this gift guide has helped you find the perfect gift for your grad! Share with us in the comments what you'll be gifting this graduation season! 

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