What Should I Look for When Buying a Bible Carrier?

by - Sunday, April 03, 2022


What Should I Look for When Buying a Bible Carrier

If you’ve been looking for a bible carrier but haven’t made up your mind yet we have all the answers you need to find the perfect one! There are several things to look for when buying a bible carrier and we’ve got everything you need in our favorite Monogrammed Bible Carrier from Marleylilly. Keep reading for your guide to buying the right bible carrier for you! 

Monogrammed Bible Carrier

One of the first things we look for is personalization! A beautiful monogram is a perfect addition to a bible carrier to make it yours. Fabric bible carriers can provide pretty patterns while also protecting your bible with a soft exterior. Your bible may already be heavy so you want to steer clear of bulky carriers. 

Monogrammed Bible Carrier in Grey

Bible carriers are not only great for your protecting your bible but they can also hold pens, pencils, and notes. Our Bible Carriers have the perfect pen holder along with a pocket to store note pads and knick-knacks! A zipper to contain everything is even more important to keep your notes from falling out and to keep your bible looking clean and organized. 

Monogrammed Bible Carrier Dottie
Monogrammed Bible Carrier Dottie Inside

Handles and straps are an absolute must for your next bible carrier! If your bible is bulky, carry it in a tote bag or purse to keep everything together and make traveling with it even easier. We love these Monogrammed Neoprene Totes for carrying all of the essentials and you can even match the Dottie Neoprene Tote to our Dottie Monogrammed Bible Carrier! 

Monogrammed Neoprene Tote

Just because your bible will now be super cute on the outside doesn't mean the inside can't shine too! Barnes and Noble has many great bible options that will fit perfectly inside our Monogrammed Bible Carrier and provide the perfect study space for your worship! You could even use your Bible Carrier to hold your study bible, current book, or a large notepad instead of your bible.

Monogrammed Cross Jewelry

If you're looking to gift a bible carrier to a loved one we have several monogrammed jewelry options that will pair perfectly! Our Monogrammed Cross Bracelet and Monogrammed Cross Pendant Bracelet are the perfect accessories for everyday wear. This Monogrammed Adjustable Cross Ring is a favorite of ours that is sure to please anyone! And we can't forget about our classic  Monogrammed Layered Cross Necklace

Grey Monogrammed Bible Carrier
Mint Dottie Monogrammed Bible Carrier

The last, and most important, thing to remember when buying a bible carrier is to always pick one that you love! A Monogrammed Bible Carrier is the perfect way to personalize your bible while protecting it as you travel to church, small groups, or bible studies and we hope this helped you find the right one! 

Comment below your favorite of our Monogrammed Bible Carriers!

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