GirlUpGreenville x Marleylilly Fashion Show Recap

by - Tuesday, August 23, 2022


GirlUp GVL and Marleylilly Fashion Show

Marleylilly is honored to partner with a local organization right here in the Upstate, GirlUp GVL.  Each day at GirlUp GVL, girls are connecting, growing, learning, and flourishing with their peers and mentors who share a passion for their happiness, success, and dignity. GirlUp GVL provides an after-school program, a weekly enrichment program, as well as Individual Success Planning, focused on each girl's personal goals and future success.  This blog post will recap the amazing week that was fashion week! Make sure to read all the way to the end for our wonderful co-sponsor list and video link to the actual show!

 Marleylilly and GirlUp GVL girls spent 3 days together April 19th-21st.  During that time the girls attended a career day at Marleylilly, collaborated with ML stylists, and strutted down a live fashion show!

 It all started with an introduction to Marleylilly in the product development office.  From there the girls watched career talks from all of Marlelilly's departments including; marketing, production, product development, and customer service.  

Tuesdays Event and Career Talks

1. Marketing team members. 2. Giftbags and Fashion Lanyards.  3. Product Development career talk.  4. The GirlUp girls meet with Customer Service.  4.  Walkthrough with Embroidery department.

On Tuesday all 14 of the GirlUp GVL girls met in the product development office and started their tour of the facility and career talks.  Those career talks spanned all of Marleylilly's departments from customer service, marketing, embroidery, and product development. Each department representative spoke for 15 minutes and answered questions the girls had.  
Marleylilly Stylist Clothing Rack
                                   1. The Marleylilly Stylist rack.  So many clothes to choose from!

GirlUp GVL Models Walk The Runway at Marleyllly

GirlUp GVL Model Outfits:

1. Personalized Denim Jacket, Running Shorts, Monogrammed Sneakers
2. Monogrammed Pocket T-Shirt, Slide On Sneakers 
3. Fedora, T-Shirt Dress, Monogrammed Cut Out Sandals
4. Leopard Cover Up, Monogrammed Bandeau Top, High Waisted Foldover Bikini Bottoms, Sandals

Wednesday the girls met with their assigned Marleylilly stylist and designed their outfits together with ML apparel, jewelry, shoes, and accessories!   If the girls wanted them monogrammed we stitched them right up and had them ready for the fashion show the next day.  

Marleylilly stylists and GirlUp GVL models walk the runway.

GirlUp GVL Model Outfits:

Let the show begin!  
The main event started with the GirlUp GVL crew arriving and getting prepped for the show.  Friends and family gathered along the main entrance where shaded trees and music played from DJ Buzzin.  Laura Anne Turman, from Marleylilly's product development team, greeted the crowd.  As the models rocked the runway she talked about each girl's story. After the show ended everyone gathered for pictures in front of the Marleylilly balloon wall.  A reception followed with everyone enjoying ice cream from Pink Momma and donuts from Dunkin Donuts.  For more information and recaps from the GrilUp GVL Fashion show check out these links:

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Check Out The Video from Fox Carolina Here: FoxCarolina
Check Out The Fashion Show Gallery Here:  TalkMagazine
Full Runway Show: RunwayShow
Marleylilly Philanthropy: Giving Back

Reception photos from before the fashion show.

Thanks to All Our Vendors who helped make this amazing event possible!

IG: @KristysballoonsDeco
IG: @pinkmamasicecream
DJ Buzzin 315
IG: @djbuzzin315
IG: @PivotPR

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