How To Wear Statement Earrings This Fall!

by - Tuesday, August 30, 2022


Wearing Statement Earrings In Fall

Statement earrings are such a fun way to glam up any outfit!  They can take a basic outfit to the next level!  They can also be tricky to style, but don't worry we're sharing our tips on how to wear statement earrings with your monogrammed outfits for fall.  Follow along as we break down five easy outfits with statement earrings from Marleylilly.

Cowboy Boot statement earrings, Rosé All Day earrings, Pumpkin Spice Earrings

Outfit One: Add Some Personality To Your Solid-Colored Outfit With Our Happy Hour Earrings.  

Get all glammed up with our new Happy Hour Earrings They feature a gold wine glass with black and white rhinestones.  Marleylilly has the perfect black Midi Dress that is the perfect pairing with these cute earrings. Pair these glitzy earrings with your favorite heel for a more dressed-up look or dress it down with some of our Classic Sneakers.  This outfit is perfect for going out on the town to your favorite happy hour spot.  

Knit sneakers, Rosé All Day Earrings, Denim Jacket

Outfit Two: Keep It Fun And Casual With Our Rosé All Day Earrings.

Get the party started with these adorable Rosé All Day Earrings.  These statement earrings feature a gold and jewel rosé bottle and a pink cork at the top.  Pair these statement earrings with a white maxi dress and a denim jacket for those early fall chilly evenings. Add a pair of our Monogrammed Sneakers and your look is complete.  This combination is perfect for a night out with friends or touring a new city!  

Pumpkin spice earrgins, loafers, white button down shirt

Outfit Three: Perfect For Fall Outfits The New Pumpkin Spice Earrings!

It's almost that time of year again and you know what that means... Pumpkin Spice everything!  Of course, our favorite beverage is now your new favorite statement earrings.  These lightweight earrings are the perfect addition to your fall outfit.  Pair them with a white button-down tunic, and your go-to denim shorts or pants, and finish it off with some loafers.  Add a fedora and some riding boots for a little more southern flare! 

Photo of cowboy earrings, button down tunic, cowboy boots

Outfit Four:  Add Some Western Charm With The Cowboy Boot Earrings.

These lightweight earrings are sure to make a statement! Start with your favorite sundress and of course, monogrammed cowboy boots. Add in a cowboy hat or wide-brim hat to complete this fun look.  If the weather is on the chillier side add a monogrammed denim jacket. This will be your go-to concert look!  

leopard earrings, oversized tunic, booties

Outfit Five: Glam it Up or Keep It Casual With Our New Leopard Earrings

One of the great things about our Leopard Earrings is that they are so versatile. Need to glam up a look? Just add these statement earrings to the OOTD.  Wear it with an oversized tunic, leather leggings, monogrammed loafers, or booties, and add a beaded bracelet stack.  If you are going out on the town swap in a maxi dress and a denim jacket for cold nights.  

Now you know how to style your new Marleylilly statement earrings for Fall!  With so many options to choose from, you are sure to be the life of the party. Remember to keep it simple and let the earrings do all the talking.  


Let us know how you wear your statement earrings in the comments below!

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