7 Personalized Getting Ready Outfits for the Bridal Party that Aren't Robes

by - Friday, September 02, 2022

7 Personalized Getting Ready Outfits for the Bridal Party that Aren't Robes


        Attention all BRIDES! Marleylilly.com has the PERFECT matching monogrammed pieces for your bridal party to wear while getting ready! The best part? They aren't just the typical robes you see everyone else use! Keep reading to find some adorable outfits for you and your bride tribe to wear on your special day, or even on your bachelorette trip!

1) Monogrammed Fishing Shirts

    These Fishing Shirts are the cutest oversized getting-ready shirt that you and your bridesmaids are going to LOVE! Tip: You can use them for the bachelorette trip & on the wedding day to save some money! Throw in a Monogrammed Baseball Hat as well, for another personalized touch! They come in so many colors, and of course, white for the bride-to-be! These feature the monogram on the back, and look so cute for pictures! They are also super easy to get off when changing over to your dress, which is a big plus!

Monogrammed Fishing Shirts

Monogrammed Fishing Shirts on Bridal Party

2) Monogrammed Button Down Tunics

    We just love these Button Down Tunics! They are truly the perfect getting-ready shirt, as they are easy to change out of and oh so cute! You can choose from a few different colors for your girls, and the perfect white button-down for yourself! The possibilities are endless! Our Monogrammed Stud Earrings will look adorable with these, and your bridesmaids will love the added personalized touch!

Monogrammed Button Down Tunics

Monogrammed Stud Earring Set

3) Monogrammed Pajama Sets

    You really can't go wrong with getting ready in pj's! These cute and cozy Monogrammed Pajamas will have you getting ready in comfort! Especially with a pair of our Monogrammed Fuzzy Slippers alongside! So many colors and designs to choose from, and you'll have the most precious photos for your memories!

Monogrammed Pajama Set

Monogrammed Fuzzy Slippers

    If you love our Pajama Sets, you'll love our Sleep Shorts as well! So cute and cozy, and easy to change in and out of! Pair them with one of our Monogrammed Tank Tops, a Monogrammed Pocket T-Shirt, or a Monogrammed Long Sleeve Shirt, and some Fuzzy Slippers and you're all set!

Monogrammed Sleep Shorts

Monogrammed Sleep Shorts and Pocket T-Shirt

5) Monogrammed Nightgowns

    How precious are these Nightgowns?! So perfect for a bride and her bridesmaids! You can choose the White Leopard Nightgown for yourself, the Black Nightgown for your bridesmaids, or one of our other two fun prints! Add in some Fuzzy Slippers, and a Personalized Tote Bag for your girls to keep all of their getting-ready essentials in!

Monogrammed Nightgown

Personalized Tote Bag

6) Monogrammed Plaid Layering Tunics

        These Plaid Layering Tunics are perfect for those brides getting married in the fall or winter! You and your bride tribe will stay cute & comfy in these adorable shirts! So many colors to choose from, and easy to change in and out of! Pair it with a cute pair of leggings, and some of our Fuzzy Slippers, or Monogrammed Sherpa Tie Booties to tie it all together!

Monogrammed Plaid Layering Tunics

Monogrammed Sherpa Tie Booties

7) Monogrammed Towel Wraps

    We are just obsessed with this bridal party in their adorable Towel Wraps! So cute for photos, and getting ready for the big day in! Choose white for yourself, navy, or two of our other design choices for your bridesmaids! As an added surprise, grab your girls a Monogrammed Caddy to keep their products all in one place while getting ready!  

Monogrammed Towel Wraps on Bridal Party

Monogrammed Caddy


    From everyone at Marleylilly, congratulations on your big day! We hope this guide helped you pick out the perfect getting-ready outfit for you and your bridesmaids! Let us know in the comments below what you'll be choosing for your bridal party!

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