How to Organize Your Giant Tote Bag

by - Friday, September 02, 2022


How to Organize Your Giant Tote Bag

We've all been there. You're trying to get into your car, except you can't find your keys because they swimming in the sea of other items and it's all jumbled at the bottom! It can be really frustrating to not know exactly where everything is in your giant tote, which results in the contents spilling around, not being able to grab what you want quickly, and feeling unorganized. Sometimes you really have to have a giant bag full of essentials, maybe you're a mother, a student, you work, or you just always want to be prepared! Read on for our steps to successfully organize a larger bag. 

Step #1. Take Inventory of What's In Your Bag

Do you really need that one-month expired granola bar at the bottom? The first thing is to take everything out of your bag, place it on the floor or table, and comb through everything. Throw out anything that's expired, old receipts that aren't needed, old documents, etc. You only want to keep the essentials.

Step #2. Categorize

Once you've sorted out the items you plan to put back into your tote from what you're getting rid of, begin to make categories of items. It can look different based on how it would serve you best. For example, you can break up the categories by the actual item (think makeup and snacks), or you can break it into categories by how frequently you reach for something and divide it up into your daily category (think keys, wallet, phone), versus things you want on hand but won't use as much. 

Step #3. Grab Some Bags and Organizers! 

The primary way you're going to prevent everything from jumbling together again and finding items quickly is by placing these new categories into different bags or stations. You can use multiple cosmetic bags or zip pouches, or go larger and get a tote organizer!

Step #4. Place it All Back Inside

Lastly, begin to sort your bag in a way that makes the most sense to you with your new pouches and organizers! Things that you grab daily like your keys, wallet, or phone you may want to put in easy-to-reach individual pouches, or in a zippered pouch built directly into the bag for safekeeping. The rest, you can keep in individual slots or bags and pull out and use as needed! 

Step #5. Repeat!

Life happens, which means new things may find their way into your bag. Every once in a while, go back to step one and take inventory and remove anything you may no longer need in your purse! Your future self will thank you! 

We want to hear! How do you like to keep your bags organized? Share your tips and tricks below! 

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